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Explore Park West Apartments

The Park West Apartments have a living room, dining area, and full kitchen (including a microwave and dishwasher). Otis College pays for wireless internet and all utilities. Students pay rent the same as they would if living on campus; and the costs are added to the student account. 

Park West layout

The apartments are mostly 2-bedroom units shared with other Otis College students. Four students share the 2 bedroom apartments with two students in each bedroom. There are a limited amount of 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom options available as private units for one student, and are given on a first-come, first-served basis.

There are various apartment layouts, but most of our units are set up with the layout shown to the right. Apartments are assigned at random.

The apartment comes semi-furnished including:

  • XL Twin bed and dresser drawers for each student
  • Shared closet space in each bedroom
  • Couch, chair, end table, and lamp for the living room
  • Kitchen includes refrigerator, stove/oven, microwave, and dishwasher
  • Private balcony/patio area
  • Wireless internet

View our recommended packing list.

Parking at Park West is free of charge. Vehicles must be registered by completing an Occupancy Form prior to the start of the semester. Each 2-bedroom apartment is assigned one shared tandem parking space (2 parking spaces, one in front of the other). A tandem parking space will only be shared with one other person who lives in the same apartment.  

Living at Park West

Students living at Park West are directly across the street from campus, which keeps to classes, labs, and resources. Students have access to the apartment amenities including: the multiple pools, fitness center, grills, and laundry on site.  There are Resident Assistants, as well as Professional Staff, living at Park West to assist with any questions, issues, or problems. 

The Cost

   2022-23 Park West Charges:


Room Type Fall Semester Spring Semester Academic Year
Shared Apartment      (2-bed) $TBD $TBD $TBD
Private Apartment      (1-bed, 1-bath) $TBD $TBD $TBD
Foundation Students living at Park West are required to have at least a 10 meal plan, but can choose any of the three options. All other students are able to opt into any of the meal plan options. Students are required to keep the meal plan for the entire academic year. Learn more about the meal plans her