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Student Activities

Student Activities and Involvement

The Office of Student Activities provides programs and events that stimulate creativity and support the co-curricular student experience. Here at the Office of Student Activities, we prioritize building community, creating opportunities for student leadership and advocacy, promoting diversity and inclusion, and nurturing innovation. Events, programs, and lectures are supported by the Students' Union (SU) and Campus Activities Board (CAB).

The Office of Student Activities also oversees all student clubs and organizations, the Peer Mentor Program, Team International Student Outreach Program, Orientation Week Leaders (OWLs) and the Commencement Owl program. The department also manages the Student Life Center, campus-wide student events, Student ID photos, and is involved in co-curricular programming efforts in collaboration with a variety of academic departments.

Students' Union, Clubs / Organizations, Campus Activities Board, as well as Peer Mentors, and Commencement are all part of the rich student experience here at Otis College.


Check out our Student Activities Viewbook to Learn More!


If you are interested in posting flyers/posters on campus bulletin boards, please make sure that you follow the regulations stated through the Office of Student Activities Posting Guidelines found below.

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