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Program Learning Outcomes: Artists, Community, and Teaching

The Artists, Community, and Teaching Program (ACT) prepares students for a range of professional practices as socially engaged artists, designers and educators in diverse communities and contexts through two minors: Community Arts Engagement and Teacher Credential Preparation.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Develop and articulate a meaningful connection between their studio art/design practice and an engagement with their community.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the practices and theories of arts education and community engagement.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of career opportunities for community- based and teaching artists/designers.
  • Develop, and in some cases implement, innovative and engaging projects for school or community settings.
  • Participate in professional practice training through off-campus teaching and community arts internships

Students enrolled in the Teacher Credential Preparation Minor will also:

  • Successfully complete the Subject Matter in Art requirements needed to pursue the Teaching Credential offered by the State of California.


Assessment Measures

Student learning in the ACT Program is assessed using level-appropriate rubrics and evaluations of presentations, papers, projects, reflections, and an e-Portfolio as well as Departmental Programmatic Assessment projects. Collectively these measures allow us to determine the level and quality of education attained by our students.