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International, Out-of-State, and Local Travel Study have been paused. Comprehensive Travel Study activity will remain under constant review as it relates to local, state, and national COVID guidelines. No new International, Out-of-State, and Local Travel Study will be planned until further notice. Please contact with any questions.


  • Travel Study enables individuals to explore multicultural relations, gain experiential knowledge of real-world problems and be provided with the tools to promote civic engagement. 

  • Through Exchange programs, Otis students develop greater confidence in their own abilities as artists and designers while actively engaging with global communities. Exchange Mobility Programs



Otis College is dedicated to the belief that exposure to and engagement with other cultures, people, and experiences broadens the mind and enables a deeper sense of self. Travel Study courses allow students to learn and work together in settings far beyond the College campus, and to see and experience cultural and artistic exemplars and icons, otherwise only accessible through reproductions. See highlights from past Travel Study courses (video below) for a look at some of the life-transforming experiences our students and faculty have enjoyed. For more information on Travel Study click on the world map to visit our Featured Courses. 



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