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Faculty & Departmental Requirements

Chairs, Assistant Chairs, Academic Directors, Full-Time and Adjunct Faculty are welcome to propose and lead Travel Study Courses. 


In planning, proposing, and implementing Travel Study courses, lead faculty members and the collaborating departments/programs will:
  • Hold a meeting first week of Spring semester to instruct and ensure students registered for the course have created a Travel Study account and populated with F-1 Visa & Permanent Resident Information (if required), Medical Self-assessment and Personal Wellness plan, Passport information, Tourist Visa Information (if required), agree to Standards of Behavior, sign Travel Study Agreement form, and read and agreed to Waiver of Liability as a requirement to participate in and pass the course (satisfy all pre-decision and post-decision materials and questionnaire info). These are to be thought of as any other required course materials. the Travel and External Study Coordinator will assist with messaging and instructions during initial meeting.

  • Instruct students to properly register with ETA/associated Program Provider for the course at the onset of the semester. This should take place during initial meeting the first week of Spring semester.

  • Provide preliminary orientation information at one of the course’s required pre-departure course meetings. This will be reinforced and covered at length at the pre-departure orientation hosted by the Travel and External Study Coordinator.

  • Follow up with students to ensure they have properly obtained passports (if not in possession of one prior to course), properly filed out tourist visa paperwork (if required for destination), and properly upload scan of documentation to their travel account.

  • Notify and verify that all students get a free medical exam with Dr. Julie Spencer in Health and Wellness Center no later than 30 days prior to departure as a requirement to participate in and pass the course.

  • Collect personal statements within student travel account if required for course.

  • Instruct students to submit flight itinerary (departure and return info) if student purchases own flight (particular to course).

  • Compose/update Course Preparation Manual specific to course/location and provide to Travel and External Coordinator no later than one month prior to student pre-departure orientation.

  • Generate course marketing material, advertise on/email to Otis Community, and speak to departments to announce your travel study course .

  • Participate in Travel Study Fair in the Fall semester.

  • Host one information travel session – Fall semester/ last 2 weeks of October