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Outbound Exchange Students


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many institutions have postponed their exchange programs. Contact institutions directly to inquire about the status of their exchange programs. All travel study at Otis College has been paused until further notice due to health and safety concerns related to domestic and international travel. Please contact with any questions.

Otis College offers two possible semester-long exchange opportunities to students in good academic standing:

AICAD exchange – Through the AICAD Exchange program, full-time students who are attending one of the 31 participating AICAD schools, have the unique opportunity to attend another school within AICAD for one semester at no additional cost or loss of credit. The AICAD Exchange offers students the experience and benefit of studying at a different school and living in a different geographic area. By sharing resources and facilities, AICAD colleges offer unparalleled educational opportunities to students at AICAD schools.

International non-AICAD exchange – This exchange provides an opportunity for students to study for one semester with one of our international partner institutions.

A complete list of possible exchange institutions can be found here.


Step 1 Research the exchange institution of interest. Determine a program that aligns with your current departmental focus and look into what classes are offered that you would want to consider. 
Step 2 Meet with your department Chair to discuss the institution and potential classes. Ask the Chair if the classes will align with the Otis College curriculum. The Chair needs to approve all of the potential courses. If you can't find information on the available courses through the host institution website or elsewhere, please contact Travel and External Study (
Step 3 Once you receive approval from your department Chair, please meet with an Academic Advisor (in the One Stop). They also need to approve the courses that you would like to take at the host institution.
Step 4  Contact Travel and External Study ( to discuss the application process and complete this form.
Step 5 Once the form is submitted and a confirmation of approval is received from your department Chair and the Academic AdvisorTravel and External Study will nominate you to the host institution. If you're applying to an AICAD institution, you will not need a nomination and you may proceed to Step 6.
Step 6 Fill out the application provided by the host institution or at if applying to an AICAD school.
Step 7 If accepted to participate in an exchange, contact the One Stop to enroll in a special course with Registration that signifies you're taking part in an exchange. 
Step 8 Work with the host institution on acquiring a visa and securing housing. Purchase flights and prepare for departure.
Step 9 After completing your program make sure to order official transcripts from the host institution to be sent to the One Stop. Contact the One Stop if you have questions about how to order transcripts.


Housing is the responsibility of each student.  Host schools have no obligation to provide housing and their dorms are often full.  A student wishing to live in a Host school's dorm should make this known at the time of application.  Fees for Room and Board are billed by and payable directly to the host school.  If dorms are full, off-campus housing information may be obtained from the student services or housing office of the host school.  Students should plan ahead and investigate all housing options at the time of application.

Tuition is payable to Otis College of Art and Design. The host school agrees not to charge the student tuition.  A voucher indicating that tuition has been paid is issued by Otis College to the student and must be presented to the host school at the time of registration. The student will receive the regular financial aid award, if any, to which they are entitled.
Laboratory fees, student service fees and other fees may be charged to the student by the host school.  These are billed by and payable directly to the host school, and must be paid before registration.  These fees vary by institution and program, so students should contact the Exchange Coordinator of the host school to determine which fees will be required at registration.

Grades received from the host school during the semester exchange will become a part of the student’s official record at Otis College. Outgoing exchange students are registered in a block of 15 units to be distributed by the advisor in the application and following the student’s portfolio review upon return to Otis College of Art & Design. Students are responsible for providing Otis College with an official academic transcript from the host school. Exchange units will be recorded as Pass/Fail on the student’s permanent record.

Please contact Travel and External Study at  if you have any questions.