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Program Selection Criteria

Program Selection Criteria

The International Steering Committee reviews complete, well-designed, interdisciplinary Travel Study course proposals each year.

The Travel and External Study Coordinator will gladly meet with you to discuss your proposal in the early draft phase. Given advance notice, the Travel and External Study Coordinator can guide you toward a successful proposal.

Through the proposal process, we seek to create a diverse roster of interdisciplinary course offerings. It is recommended that courses be open to students from all majors. The Committee tries to balance the number of new and recurring Travel Study courses while also making sure that the end set of courses cover a wide variety of topics and regions.

Strong proposals are thorough, meet the intentions of Travel Study directly, and include:

  • Evidence that the faculty leaders are able to facilitate the course and proactively guide their students safely and deftly through the Travel Study experience.
  • Clearly and thoroughly articulated learning outcomes (academic goals and objectives) that serve the collaborating majors’/programs’ Course Learning Outcomes and tie directly to and/or are enhanced by the travel location(s).
  • The use of ETA or alternative (if necessary) Program Provider.
  • Course activities and field trips that take advantage of the course location on behalf of the course learning outcomes.
  • An assessment of the risks involved in and associated with Travel Study, and the specific course.
  • A course budget that outlines all estimated costs and aligns directly with the itinerary; solidly identified housing, teaching spaces, and field trips.
  • Unique and specific opportunities not available elsewhere in the world; the basis for this course being necessary, compared to other ways of studying the theme or subject matter.
  • A clear thematic/subject focus embraced by the collaborating departments; the coursework has been vetted and approved by each respective Chair.
  • A comprehensive pre-departure orientation plan.