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Proposal Process

Chairs, Assistant Chairs, Academic Directors, Full-Time and Adjunct Faculty are welcome to propose and lead Travel Study Courses.

The Travel Study Proposal form can be found here.


Travel Study Course Dates
FALL course dates (outgoing): August - November 15th            
SPRING course dates (outgoing): January - July 15th

Proposal Submission
Submit Travel Study Proposals to the Travel and External Study Coordinator by the following dates for intended Fall and Spring courses:
Fall course deadline: January 15th (final proposals will not be accepted after this date)
Spring course deadline: July 1st (final proposals will not be accepted after this date)

Proposal Review
The International Education Steering Committee meets to review all submitted proposals. Proposals will not be reviewed after the dates noted below.
FALL (outgoing): Final Review – January 30th 
SPRING (outgoing): Final Review – July 30th 

Travel Study Course Approval
Faculty members will be informed if the International Steering Committee has approved their Travel Study Course proposal by no later than the dates noted below.
FALL (outgoing): No Later Than: March 10th    
SPRING (outgoing):  No Later Than: August 10th

Information Session
Faculty of approved Travel Study courses are required to attend an information session with the Travel and External Study Coordinator about the preparation process of their course.  These sessions occur prior to the start of the semester.
FALL (outgoing): January 11th
SPRING (outgoing): August 15th 


STEP 1: Discuss Travel Study possibilities with your Department Chair.

STEP 2: Complete the Travel Study Developer Questionnaire (here). This form will assist you in working with program providers to craft your course.

STEP 3: Contact the Program Provider ETA (preferred provider) or AEA and begin working on an itinerary/ budget for your course. The Travel and External Study Coordinator can help you through this process.

STEP 4: Complete the Travel Study Proposal (here). Use the proposal information from the program provider in order to complete this final proposal and determine overall course cost.  NOTE: It is important to not hit the "submit" button within the proposal form until it has been reviewed with the Travel And External Study Coordinator or you are confident in the overall determined cost. It is advised to "save" the form, then go back and make any needed changes. Once submitted, you can not go back and adjust any related costs. 

STEP 5: Meet with the Travel and External Study Coordinator to review your proposal prior to submission

STEP 6: Submit your Proposal and any supplemental materials to the Travel and External Study Coordinator

STEP 7: International Education Steering Committee will review proposal.

The International Education Steering Committee of Otis College requires all faculty seeking to facilitate a travel study course use a program provider “whenever” possible. Program Providers work with you to craft and customize an abroad course specific to your/student needs. Program providers are not pre-packaged tour operators. Rather, “providers” offer support services, throughout the world, ensuring that your course runs safely and smoothly, while maintaining the integrity of your course vision. Program Providers also provide liability insurance necessary to run abroad courses.

Below is a short-list of items generally covered by a program provider:

     Course Program Manager dedicated to your program
     Airport transportation
     Student accommodations
     Health and liability insurance
     On-site orientation and city tour
     Cultural activities in host city
     Day or overnight excursions
     Organized group meals
     Reserved classroom space
     Access to on-site offices
     24-hour resident staff support


It is asked that you contact Education Travel Adventure (ETA) . They are the preferred program provider. For additional providers please contact the Travel and External Study Coordinator.

 Contact: Michael Holzer. Phone: 732-410-5665. Email: or
 Emily Sweeney, Phone: 732-410-5676 Email:
 Locations: North America. Europe. South America (View website for a complete list of destinations)