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Undergraduate Programs

The Core

The Core

To prepare students to move forward in their chosen discipline, students spend their first year building up their making and critical thinking skills in Foundation studio, Liberal Arts and Science, and Creative Action courses.

Instructor demonstrating drawing technique to student


In your first year as an Otis College student, you’ll participate in our one-of-a-kind, immersive Foundation program. Our freshman students take a sequence of studio courses designed to teach you the fundamental skills and processes across visual arts and design disciplines.

Student sitting in library reading

Liberal Arts and Sciences

Our strong Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) curriculum supports and expands your art and design training at Otis College. We build your LAS experience around five themes: creativity, diversity, identity, sustainability, and social responsibility.

Stdents painting a mural

Creative Action

Creative Action introduces students to compelling social and environmental issues within their community through a series of core courses. We partner with local and international community organizations to identify and solve real-world environmental problems and social issues.

Majors and Minors

Majors and Minors

Otis College of Art and Design offers undergraduate degrees in a wide variety of visual and applied arts, media, and design. Core programs in liberal arts, business practices, and community-driven projects support the College’s mission to prepare diverse students to enrich our world through their creativity, skill, and vision.

Academic Advising at Otis provides individual guidance in course selection, schedule planning, and graduation checks prior to registration each semester.

In addition to choosing one of the seven majors offered, students have the opportunity to select from 17 minors that extend and complement their work in a specific theme, topic, or program. For students who plan to become arts educators, Otis College's Artists, Community, and Teaching (ACT) program offers two minors, one of which qualifies students to waive the California Subject Exam for Teachers needed pursue the Teaching Credential offered by the State of California.

Degree Programs

Degree Programs

Animation Snippit - Ellen Li: Ponyo + Sosuke

BFA in Animation

Develop artistic skills and technical experience with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Animation from Otis College of Art and Design where you will bring characters and stories to life through the magic of animation.

Two students walking through an Environmental Design installation

BFA in Environmental Design

The Environmental Design fields of architecture (buildings), landscape (spaces between buildings), and interiors (spaces within buildings) organize and shape the contexts for everyone’s activities and relations.

Fashion model on stage with two other people

BFA in Fashion Design

The Fashion Design program provides a structured curriculum with an emphasis on developing innovative, and professional fashion designers, with a comprehensive knowledge of both moderate and designer markets.

Man posting art on a wall

BFA in Fine Arts

As a Fine Arts student, you will turn your ideas and into visual creations while learning from our faculty of working professionals. You can choose from three concentrations: Painting, Photography or Sculpture/New Genres.

Game Design Landscape Artwork

BFA in Game and Entertainment Design

Acquire the skills of game prototyping, playtesting, and collaboration with our BFA in Game and Entertainment Design program. Through hands-on instruction, you will develop valuable skills in concept art, modeling, texturing, and lighting.

Patterned surface with red and blue circles

BFA in Graphic Design

Achieve the highest level of design excellence through our Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Graphic Design which offers a rigorous curriculum involving research and development, critical thinking and fearless image making as it applies to work in the 2-D, 3-D, 4-D fields.

Illustration of a bird arriving at a nest of eggs on a pizza box

BFA in Illustration

The BFA in Illustration prepares students for careers as professional Illustrators, art directors, creator of animated shorts, motion graphic artist, storyboard artists, children’s book illustrators, textile and fabric designers, and muralists among others.

Wooden cabinet by a Product Design student

BFA in Product Design

Product Design is a diverse program that combines art, design, & digital skills. Students learn to create physical & virtual products, environments & experiences within fashion accessories, footwear, jewelry, furniture, lifestyle, UI/UX, and more, preparing students to work in any industry or career.

Toy Design student with some of her creations

BFA in Toy Design

Otis College offers one of the only comprehensive four‐year Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Toy Design in the world. Taught by faculty and guest mentors who are renowned toy design and entertainment professionals, the program focuses on designing and bringing toys to market.