Presidents Council

Mission, Objectives, and Membership

Otis College Mission

Otis College of Art and Design educates a diverse community of students to become highly skilled, well-informed, and responsible professionals--empowering them to shape the world.

President's Council Mission

The President's Council provides advisory input on topics of campus-wide interest to ensure mission-centric and strategic College administration and informed decision-making, and to foster teamwork and high workplace performance through diverse consultative leadership.

Council Composition

  • The President
  • The Provost
  • Two Trustees recommended by the President in consultation with the Board Chair, which rotate every meeting
  • Two Senior Team members, which rotate every meeting
  • Senior Executive Assistant to the President
  • Executive Assistant to the Provost 

Appointments by/Invitation from the President (one-year terms)

  • Two Faculty Senate representatives (one full-time and one adjunct)
  • One academic chair/assistant chair representative 
  • One part-time faculty representative
  • One Staff Council representative
  • Six division reports (staff members) with demonstrated College leadership ability and with key constituent perspective
  • Two Student representatives
  • Two Alumni representatives 

The Council may expand for discussion of special topics that require input from others, as needed, including Students' Union representatives, etc.

Member Responsibilities

  • Attendance and active participation
  • Broad consideration of community interests beyond divisional and departmental level
  • Ownership of joint recommendations
  • Confidentiality and sensitivity
  • Collegial interaction

President's Council Objectives

  • To provide broad input to improve institutional excellence per the College mission
  • To improve workplace effectiveness for the campus community
  • To inform decision-making based on the (Working) Strategic Plan
  • To align protocols and procedures with the College's educational mission
  • To aid administrative clarity by ensuring diversity of perspectives and expertise
  • To model and promote consultative leadership