Official diplomas are mailed after verification of successful completion of degree requirements and after all accounts have been cleared. New graduates can expect their diploma to be mailed within 2 months after graduation, so long as they clear any account holds and resolve any incompletes in a timely manner.

Diploma Request for Recent Graduates

Degree Evaluation and Confirmation
1 month after final grades are posted
All graduating students will have their degrees evaluated and confirmed within approximately 1 month of the day all final grades are received. Once degrees have been conferred, graduates will receive an email from the One Stop with either 1) a Diploma Release or 2) information about holds that must be cleared before a diploma can be issued. Students with holds will receive their Diploma Release once those holds have been cleared. Note: this process may take longer for students with unresolved incompletes or missing final grades.
The Diploma Release form will allow graduates to provide a diploma name and mailing address, and is mandatory for diploma issuance. Students will not receive their diploma until a release has been submitted. As such it is recommended that graduates fill out their Diploma Release as soon as they receive it.

Diploma Request for Past Graduates

Replacement Diplomas
Alumni who wish to order a replacement diploma can do so through this Request for Replacement Diploma order form. Once your degree has been verified, you will receive an email with a link to pay the $75 fee. Your replacement diploma will be ordered and mailed within 4-6 weeks of the receipt of payment.

Original Diplomas
If you graduated in a previous term but believe you never picked up your original diploma, please contact the One Stop at onestop@otis.edu to confirm. Alumni who did not pick up their original diploma will be sent a Diploma Release form.

Processing Times 

Expected processing times following the end of the semester as well as ad hoc requests.

Diploma Mailing
3-4 weeks after Diploma Release received
Diplomas are mailed approximately 3-4 weeks after a student’s Diploma Release has been received, and students should expect to receive an email containing a tracking number around this time. Diplomas are mailed through USPS by a third party vendor, and mailing times may be longer for international receiving addresses.

15 business days after Diploma Release received
Otis College is pleased to offer secure eDiplomas to the class of Spring 2021 and forward. An eDiploma is an official, verifiable document that can be uploaded to your LinkedIn or provided to potential employers. Graduates will receive an email containing their secure eDiploma within approximately 15 business days of submitting their Diploma Release.