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President's Council

Mission, Objectives, and Membership

First Convening -- September 2019

First Convening--September 2019

Otis College Mission

Otis College of Art and Design educates a diverse community of students to become highly skilled, well-informed, and responsible professionals--empowering them to shape the world.

President's Council Mission

The President's Council provides advisory input on topics of campus-wide interest to ensure mission-centric and strategic College administration and informed decision-making, and to foster teamwork and high workplace performance through diverse consultative leadership.

Council Composition

Rotating variable-term membership (max. 21):

  • Appointments by/Invitations from the President (8)
    • Two faculty representatives (Head of Faculty Senate is automatically a member; three nominations each year by the Faculty Senate to the Provost and President for the choice of an additional member) -staggered one-year terms
    • Two academic chairs / assistant chairs / academic directors (by President's invitation with three nominations each year of the Academic Assembly to the Provost and President for an additional member) -staggered one-year terms
    • Four division reports (staff members) with demonstrated College leadership ability and with key constituency perspective -staggered semesterly terms
  • Trustees (2) recommended by the Board Chair in consultation with the President - semesterly or variable terms
  • Senior Team members (8): President, Provost, 6 Vice Presidents
  • The Council may expand for discussion of special topics that require input from others, as needed, including Students' Union representatives, etc.


Spring 2020

  • Jennifer Moon - Assistant Professor, Fine Arts and Faculty Senate co-Chair
  • Renee Petropolous - Professor, Graduate Fine Arts
  • Linda Hudson - Chair, Foundation Program
  • Angila Romious - Director, Institutional Research and Effectiveness
  • Claude Nica - Chief Facilities and Operations Officer
  • Melinda Herbert - Contract Speacialist, Human Resources and Development
  • Elektra Grant, Academic Coordinator, Communication Arts
  • April Kullis - Executive Assistant, Presidents Office
  • Winifred Neisser - Trustee
  • Bronya Galef - Trustee
  • Members of the Senior Team

Fall 2019

  • Rachel Roske - Assistant Professor, Foundation and Faculty Senate leader
  • Renee Petropolous - Professor, Graduate Fine Arts
  • Linda Hudson - Chair, Foundation Program
  • Harry Mott - Chair, Digital Media
  • Michaela Matsumoto - Director of One Stop
  • Sheharazad Fleming - Creative Director, Communications and Marketing
  • Natasha Kobrinsky - Director of Student Financial Services
  • Ana Florentino - Executive Assistant, Provost Office
  • April Kullis - Executive Assistant, Presidents Office
  • Winifred Neisser - Trustee
  • Bronya Galef - Trustee
  • Members of the Senior Team

Member Responsibilities

  • Attendance and active participation
  • Broad consideration of community interests beyond divisional and departmental level
  • Ownership of joint recommendations
  • Confidentiality and sensitivity
  • Collegial interaction

President's Council Objectives

  • To provide broad input to improve institutional excellence per the College mission
  • To improve workplace effectiveness for the campus community
  • To inform decision-making based on the (Working) Strategic Plan
  • To align protocols and procedures with the College's educational mission
  • To aid administrative clarity by ensuring diversity of perspectives and expertise
  • To model and promote consultative leadership
  • To provide a forum for leadership development
  • To effect the Council's efficient operation.

Relation to the Senior Team

The President's Council is a College advisory body entrusted to consider matters and make recommendations that impact the College community. The Senior Team is the executive body of the College, and of the President's Council. The Senior Team reserves authority over budget planning, board affairs, compensation, tuition, fundraising, legal matters, and other key and sensitive decision areas that require executive-level expertise and attention.

Meeting Organization and Content

Action items

  • College planning matters
  • College decision-making matters

Discussion Topics

  • Critical college matters prior to action/decision stage
  • Strategic topic discussion led or co-led by President's Council member(s)
  • Information sharing on matters of current or future college-wide or multi-divisional impact. At least one meeting per year to focus on students and aspects of the student experience.

Topics - Fall 2019

  • What is, and isn't, "Institutional Advancement?"
  • "Belonging" - A singular factor in student persistence toward graduation

Topics - Spring 2020

  • Understanding Career Placement and Alumni Success - What do our students do after college?
  • What are "Communications and Marketing," and how do these support the College?

Meeting Schedule

Two 2-hour meetings per semester. Light refreshments will be provided. Spring 2020 meeting dates:  Wednesdays, February 12 and April 22.

Meetings will be set when the teaching schedules of all academic members are known.