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Belly Dance Club

The purpose of the Tribal Belly Dance Club is for Otis students to have an outlet where they can enjoy learning and practicing tribal belly dancing as well as having the chance to perform in front of others. This club will provide a space where all people can come together and use the vehicle of dance to improve on mental and physical confidence, while becoming educated about the world of middle eastern culture and dance. Students at any dance level and any dance skills can join this club! Contact Sabrina at sabrinathepurplecat@gmail.comfor more information.

Black Student Union

the Otis Black Student Union (OBSU) is a space for black creatives to grow and learn, while spreading and gaining knowlegde about the black experience. The Otis Black Student Union exists to create and promote a safe, supportive and inclusive community for Black students. By providing opportunities for all students to increase awareness of Black culture with an emphasis on Black art,social, political, and intellectual traditions. The goal of OBSU is to serve and unify the students of the African diaspora at Otis College of Art and Design by addressing their needs. For more information about how to get involved, please contact Sean at

TheCurious Club

A community and podcast for college students, post graduates, and professionals who want career change. For more information, please visit For more information, contact:

Commuter Club

Often, commuter students travel long distances to get to school, and may feel less of a sense of belonging to the Otis College campus than resident students. Therefore, through programs, events, and gatherings, the Commuter Club hopes to initiate more opportunities for commuter students to make connections with their peers, to get involved on campus, and to improve their overall college expreience. Although this is the Commuter Club, we encourage non-commuter students to join as well! For more information, contact Erica Javidzad at

Dungeons, Dragons, and Diversity (D3)

D3 has a mission to improve interpersonal relationships between peers. The group promotes creative problem solving through various unconventional puzzles. Members will work together to strengthen various world building skills needed for storytelling, as well as the process of character creation and design. Members will need to learn how to work in a team in order to problem solve, since some puzzles will require teamwork. Our goals are for any members who join to socialize and build confidence in these creative skills. —Contact D3 Club at or 

Familia De Otis

Familia de Otis is committed to connecting Hispanic/LatinX students with one another, and encouraging them to participate in discussing and celebrating their heritage on campus. Familia de Otis welcomes students of all cultures to engage in learning about Hispanic/Latinx culture. For more information about how to get involved, please contact Izzy at  

Game Development Club

Hello! We're the Game Development club! We've had a rocky start but we planned out some fun activities this time around. Of course we're all students so we understand time conflicts and class priority but we hope to at least complete one game jam that can help us all learn what exactly goes into creating a video game. The game engine we will be using is Unreal Engine and to save time we're using free assets found in the Unreal Marketplace (i.e. Paragon assets). We all need a break from the stress of coursework so we'll definitely be scheduling game time for us to just play and relax. We're a pretty relaxed group who just want to create and have fun so nothing we do should be stressful or demanding. If any of this sounds appealing to you please contact Saria at for any questions! 

Gardening Club

The purpose of this organization is to give the club’s members the possibility to learn about gardening and sustainable living. In a latter purpose, this club seeks to raise acknowledgement about environmental matters among students. Contact Aine at As or Claudia Hernandez Romero for more information on how to get involved.

Griffins ASFSC (Animated Short Film Student Collaboration)

is a group for Otis and LMU students who wish to work together/collaborate on short films to better benefit each other’s respective portfolios and help achieve our individual visions. Griffins bring different majors together to both create a resource pool for student short films and give project collaboration experience.Both Otis and LMU are right beside each other in the heart of the entertainment industry, we must hit hard, let’s work together!! Contact Raquel at for more information!

Identity Gender/Sexuality Alliance 

Identity is a student organization at Otis College of Art and Design. Our purpose is to promote awareness and educate our campus and community about various genders, sexual orientations and various other related minority identities. We endeavor to support students of all genders and sexualities. We provide a safe space for them on campus and strive to promote acceptance and education for our community. We also encourage acceptance, tolerance and self-pride within our community through community involvement. —Contact Angela at

Jesus Club

The purpose of this organization is to help better create a sense of community through creatinga space for students to be open, real, and potentially vulnerable, and having a support systemto back each other up when needed. We also hope to examine some Christian values and life lessons that are beneficial to anyone regardless of belief. Contact Naomi at

LARP (Live-Action Role-Play) Club

This club brings together aspiring actors, costume designers, concept artists, and prop makers on campus to collaborate and develop a Role Playing storyline that will be acted outthrough the course of the semester. For more information, please contact Isaiah Sirkin at 

League of Legends Club

The League of Legends club aims to create a community that enjoys playing League, a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game that is free to play! This club welcomes anyone who plays or wants to play! Let’s have fun together! For more information, please contact Trinity at

Otis Owl Pals

Welcome to the Otis Owl Pals Club! In this club, we are dedicated to help bring the Otis community together through the form of traditional written letters as well as provide support to the USPS, an important organization that helps artists like us get our creations out in the world. We're looking to help our members connect to and bond more with their friends and families, communities outside of Otis, and perhaps even people outside of the nation for through the art of pen paling. Otis Owl Pals seeks to provide a de-stressing, wholesome, and creative environment for the Otis community away from the workload from classes and/or jobs while also getting people interested in a new and fun hobby. Pen paling will be an outlet outside of drawing for artists to express themselves freely and to communicate with others through words and aesthetic designs. Join us as we learn how to write calligraphy, design our letters according to themes, collect cute washi tapes and stationary items on a budget, and so much more! Feel free to contact Aine Schimmelman at, Daycie De Luz at, and/or for more information. Follow @otisowlpals on Instagram for more too!

Otis Committment (The O-Committed)

The purpose of The Otis Comittment club is to assist students that belong to underrepresented groups by advocating for their needs and demands and supporting them throughout their college experience.Through a system of integrated support, this club provide mentorship, shared resources, and safe spaces for building connections with peers. Contact Sarah Palacat at to get involved!

Otis Mandrills Soccer Club (OMSC)

The Otis Mandrills Soccer Club (OMSC) is an organization that aims to improve interpersonal relationships between peers through working together to win soccer games and improving soccer skills. It will promote friendship, health, and teamwork. Members will have a chance to socialize and build confidence in their abilities to fight like a Mandrill! Please contact Helen at: to get involved!

Rotaract Club

Otis Rotaract is all about service-based learning. Through helping people in need, especially through hard times like this, we develop leadership skills, make friends, and meet mentors, all along this path of making a difference in this world. Our club is sponsored by the Playa Venice Rotary club. They will be offering us guidance and support by providing us with mentors, guest speakers, and connections within the industry to help us with our service projects and moving towards our success in the future. Join us to grow with a team of entrepreneurial artists and designers via Zoom, to use our artistic abilities, learn through the process of designing and running our own charity .org site. Let's spread love and peace, learn together, get connected, and most importantly, to make a difference, from home.Contact Gia at for more information!

Otis Storyboarding Club

The Otis Storyboard Club is an organization with the purpose of creating a consistent collaborative space for students interested in the art of storyboarding. Members will be able to work on their own storyboarding projects as well as take part in different club activities that focus on the development of their drawing and storytelling skills as well as their technical knowledge regarding storyboarding software. The club will also be constantly informing members with current and upcoming animation events such as conventions, screenings and networking events that will help club members get involved with the animation industry. For more information, please contact Vicente at 

The Otis Book Club

The Otis Book Club aims to create a supportive community of students who love to read. We read for pleasure, to educate ourselves, to satisfy our curiosity, and to feel empathy and connection with both characters and our fellow classmates. Contact Sam at or Maggie at

The Tennis Club

The purpose of the Otis Tennis Club will be to bring in more sports activities to art students and provide opportunities for exercise and social needs in school. This club should be home for anyone who loves Tennis and outdoor sports in Otis. . Contact Wei at to get involved.

Trading Card Game Club (TCGC) 

The purpose of the Trading Card Game Club is to support competitive and casual trading card game events, with an emphasis on Magic the Gathering, the premier TCG.! Contact Juan at for more information.

Zine and Literary Club

The Zine and Literary Club is aiming to create a sense of community by collaborating in a creative monthly zine that will feature anything from poetry to comics created by Otis students. The students will vote on a theme for the zine each month and will work together to format and produce them to be made available to the community. At the end of the year we plan to compile all the previous monthly zines into a larger end of the year zine that will be physically available for purchase. We will be having casual, food friendly virtual sessions each month and ongoing discord discussions to keep members up to date with one another and club events. Contact for more information!

Due to COVID-19, earlier volumes of the zines will most likely be electronic. We have also created a discord server and instagram (@otiszineandlitclub) if you are interested in future updates! Since we are a new club we’d also like to seek out anyone interested in fulfilling a leadership role such as Mods/formaters for the zine, Public Communications art/graphic design, Literary Editors, Visual Editors, Treasurer, Director of Publicity, or Secretary. 

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