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Clubs and Organizations

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Black Student Union

The purpose of this organization is to support, educate, and celebrate the Black and Brown students on campus. The Black Student Union aims to build community connections by creating a space for Black conversation, Black culture, and Black excellence. The BSU is open to all Otis students. Please contact Holiday at for more information.

Club Ride-Share

Club Ride-Share provides up to 3 monetary reimbursements per semester to students for the purpose of sourcing art supplies or visiting museums as required for class activity. Club Ride-Share locations are approved by the Office of Student Activities. Please fill out the CLUB RIDE SHARE FORM online to start the reimbursement process. If you would like a destination added to the list of eligible educationally related reimbursements, please contact Erica Javidzad at

Commuter Club

Often, commuter students travel long distances to get to school, and may feel less of a sense of belonging to the Otis College campus than resident students. Therefore, through programs, events, and gatherings, the Commuter Club hopes to initiate more opportunities for commuter students to make connections with their peers, to get involved on campus, and to improve their overall college expreience. Although this is the Commuter Club, we encourage non-commuter students to join as well! For more information, contact Erica Javidzad at

Dance Club

The purpose of the Dance Club is for Otis students to have an outlet where they can have fun dancing as a small community as well as performing in front of others. Students at any dance level and any dance skills can join this club! Contact Selly at for more information.

Dirty Deeds Gardening Club

The purpose of this organization is to give the club’s members the possibility to learn about gardening and sustainable living. In a latter purpose, this club seeks to raise acknowledgement about environmental matters among students. Contact Daniela at for more information.

Dungeons, Dragons, and Diversity (D3)

D3 has a mission to improve interpersonal relationships between peers. The group promotes creative problem solving through various unconventional puzzles. Members will work together to strengthen various world building skills needed for storytelling, as well as the process of character creation and design. Members will need to learn how to work in a team in order to problem solve, since some puzzles will require teamwork. Our goals are for any members who join to socialize and build confidence in these creative skills. —Contact D3 Club at

Identity Gay/Straight Alliance

Identity is a student organization at Otis College of Art and Design. Our purpose is to promote awareness and educate our campus and community about various genders, sexual orientations and various other related minority identities. We endeavor to support students of all genders and sexualities. We provide a safe space for them on campus and strive to promote acceptance and education for our community. We also encourage acceptance, tolerance and self-pride within our community through community involvement. —Contact Ellie at or

Jesus Club

The purpose of this organization is to help better create a sense of community through creatinga space for students to be open, real, and potentially vulnerable, and having a support systemto back each other up when needed. We also hope to examine some Christian values and life lessons that are beneficial to anyone regardless of belief. Contact Dallin at

Otis Collective

The purpose this club is to create a social setting for creative students to gather in order to ideate and produce products and designs such as but not limited to, zines, buttons, and prints. We come together to make these things and then gather and sell them at local art shows and zine fests. Please contact Stephanie at for more information!

Otis Comic League (OCL)

The purpose of The Otis Comic League is to foster a sense of community for those who love and enjoy comic books and visual storytelling. We hope to create a space where intelligent, honest discussion can thrive. This will strengthen our members’ ability to identify what makes a good story and learn how to critique ideas in a constructive and collaborative way. We also hope to provide opportunities to our members for them to network with professional artists and publish work of their own. Contact Antonio at to get involved!

Otis Video Game Club

The purpose of this organization is to bring students together that share a common love of video games. Our primary goals are to introduce students to different styles of play as well as introduce them to Indie games. The clubs goals to bring awareness to nonmainstream games and bring support to local game artists. Competitive games and non-competitive games will be played so students may enjoy all gaming styles. Contact Tyler at

Otis Mandrills Soccer Club (OMSC)

The Otis Mandrills Soccer Club (OMSC) is an organization that aims to improve interpersonal relationships between peers through working together to win soccer games and improving soccer skills. It will promote friendship, health, and teammwork. Members will have a chance to socialize and build confidence in their abilities to fight like a Mandrill! Please contact Stefan at: to get involved!

Sidebar Club

The purpose of this organization is for graduate and undergraduate students at Otis to create spaces where they are able to organize and run art-related events. Sidebar Club will serve as students' guide to learning the mechanics of collaborative, leadership driven, and social output projects. This club hopes to bring together a community of art students and outside groups so that students can gather more knowledge about the functions of the art world and feel better prepared to create their place in it once they graduate. Please contact Derek at: to get involved!

Theater Club

Theater Club brings students together to express themselves through the art of performance. Through this club, students will be able to collaborate outside of their coursework and explore personal projects through acting, directing, set and prop-building, screenwriting, makeup, or costuming. These projects will be showcased to other students throughout the year. Contact Dinah at to get involved.

The Otis Book Club

The Otis Book Club aims to create a supportive community of students who love to read. We read for pleasure, to educate ourselves, to satisfy our curiosity, and to feel empathy and connection with both characters and our fellow classmates. Contact Sam at

Table of Garments Club

The Table of Garments Club brings together students who are interested in fashion and helps them connect through activities such as thrifting at a Los Angeles vintage thrift spot called Jetrag every Sunday at 9:00 am. Through activities such as thrifting, Table of Garments hopes that students will be able to use their creativity to see an old vintage garment as a possibility to make something new and useful. This club provides opportunities to discuss opinions about design and to build a connected collective of fashion-forward students. Please contact Antonio:

Under the Baobab Tree

Under the Baobab Tree is an organization dedicated to the retention of students of African descent and Latino students at Otis College of Art and Design. Students will be able to socialize, exchange cultural knowledge, collaborate study efforts, and learn of the various resources available to them in terms of funding, academics, and employment. Under the Baobab Tree offers a safe forum where students can strengthen their connections with each other and with other Otis faculty/staff. Please contact Eliana to get involved:

Volleyball Club

This Volleyball club's goal is to bring people together to play Volleyball and occasional meetings for some other fun sport activities. Meetings will be held weekly on Sundays from 12pm to 3 pm. Contact Polina at: for more information.

Club/Organization Recognition Online Form

If you are interested in creating a new club/organization on campus, please download the Clubs and Organizations Training Manual and submit an Application. The request will be forwarded to Mike Luna, Director of Student Activities. If you have questions, please contact 310.846.2595.