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Otis Extension’s Summer Youth Camps Serve a Range of Ages and Creative Interests

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Kids ages 5 to 14 can explore drawing, painting, game design, 2D animation, cartooning, graphic design, and more!

For any parents still figuring out how to keep their children thriving and busy over the summer months, Otis Extension has spots available in various weekly Summer Youth Camps, starting June 20 and going through August 11, 2023. These weekly sessions last all day from 9:00 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. with younger children (ages 5–8) having the option of enrolling in half-day sessions.

The Summer Youth Camps curriculum isn’t just for creative kiddos—though budding artists and designers will certainly benefit from the top notch instruction and art school setting of campus. The working artists and designers who teach these summer courses provide an open, supportive environment for children of all ages and creative abilities.

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The weekly sessions introduce the elements and principles of art and design while encouraging personal expression and exploration. There are also courses designed specifically for young teenagers that provide in-depth exploration of artistic process, materials, techniques, and creative fields through experimentation and collaboration.

From five-year-olds exploring mixed media, painting, clay, and character design to teens taking classes in 4D animation, fashion design, and photography, there are ample opportunities for kids to delve into creative pursuits with purpose and their own individuality and personality.

We asked Otis Extension Program Manager Rachel Freeman to ansswer a few questions about what parents and their children can expect during Summer Youth Camps at Otis College of Art and Design.

What sets Otis Extension’s Summer Youth Camps apart?
Our Summer Youth Camps bring together the joys of camp and the enrichment of high-quality arts education. Our instructors are experienced art educators who are familiar with the active Los Angeles design industry, all levels of education from camp to college, and working with kids. Supported by classroom assistants enrolled in Otis’s BFA programs, students have the opportunity to explore our state-of-the-art facilities and learn new ways of making and creating. The opportunities for learning and fun at Otis Summer Youth Camps are unmatched!

“Each camp has four main blocks of lessons, with snack and lunch breaks in between to give students a chance to take a break and spend some time outside. Our experienced staff are with campers every step of the way to supervise all breaks and activities.”

What’s a typical day like for the campers?
Camp begins every morning with 9:00 a.m. drop off. Our staff and instructors are ready to welcome campers and get them started on a day of imagination, creation, and experimentation. Each camp has four main blocks of lessons, with snack and lunch breaks in between to give students a chance to take a break and spend some time outside. Our experienced staff are with campers every step of the way to supervise all breaks and activities. For younger students who are not ready for a full day of camp (ages 5–8), we have half-day camp options as well. Students can sign up for a morning session, afternoon session, or both if they want to stay the whole day.

How do you accommodate students with different needs, learning styles, or levels of creative experience?
Summer Youth Camps are, at their core, a safe and welcoming environment designed to accommodate students of all skills, backgrounds, and learning styles. Our instructors craft lessons and projects that give all students the opportunity to grow and thrive. While this may look different for every child, our team is dedicated to creating an inclusive and diverse learning environment.

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How do the instructors make their art and design classes engaging for campers?
Campers get to experiment with all kinds of materials, both new and familiar! From clay and paint to digital animation and game design platforms, each camp has its own set of tools and techniques that give students a well-rounded experience in whatever field they are exploring. During a full week focusing on art and design students go more in-depth than in some classroom environments, finishing the week with completed projects, including toys, sculptures, graphic novels, and more. Students enjoy this creative space so much that they sometimes don’t want to go home at the end of the day!

Who is the camp ideally suited for?
Summer Youth Camps are for students of all levels—students who are already dedicated and passionate about art and design, as well as the students with little art and design experience. They all find opportunities for fun, learning, and growth at camp.

More information about Otis Extension’s Summer Youth Camps can be found at For any questions about the registration process, please contact Otis Extension at

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