External Program Review is an opportunity for Otis College to invite colleagues from peer institutions with relevant professional experience to review and assess the performance and operations of one of the academic programs of the College.

The review process invites constructive feedback and informed perspectives, and, most importantly, generates discussion about current models and best practices in art and design education. At Otis College, program reviews are conducted every 6 years and are considered occasions to invite colleagues to consider with us how best to prepare our graduates for the fields (professional, academic) and contexts (economic, social, political, cultural, environmental) of the professional world that they will be entering. The review expects to elicit responses and recommendations that can be used as one part of the ongoing academic planning process within a department and, potentially, the College. As such, Program Review serves as an important component in the College’s commitment to sustaining a culture of evidence and seeking continuously to improve.

Program Reviews generate action plans which are in turn reviewed by the Assessment Committee before being put into place.

Student Affairs and the Library also conduct Program Reviews

Co-curricular activities are an important aspect of the Otis College experience. The Program Review of Student Affairs establishes a systematic process for individual units and areas under their supervision to rigorously reflect on their programs and services.