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Program Reviews

External Program Review is an opportunity for Otis College to invite colleagues from peer institutions with relevant professional experiences to review and assess the performance and operations of an academic program of the College.

The review process invites constructive feedback and informed perspectives, and, most importantly, generates discussion about current models and best practices in art and design education. At Otis, program reviews are conducted every 8 years and are considered occasions to invite others to consider with us how best to prepare our graduates for the fields (professional and academic) and contexts (economic, social, political, cultural, environmental) of the professional world that they will be entering. The review expects to elicit responses and recommendations that can be used as one part of our ongoing academic planning process within the department and, potentially, the College. As such, Program Review serves as an important component in the College's commitment to sustaining a culture of evidence and seeking continuously to improve.

Program Review Schedule [PDF]

Annual Program Assessment (Assessment site for Faculty).

Program Review ePortfolios/Reports

All of these ePortfolios are restricted access.

View all assessment ePortfolios in the Otis Repository of Evidence, including links to archived versions.

Undergraduate Programs

A/L/I Program Review Self-Study (2014) (login required)

Architecture, Landscape, and Interiors Annual Assessment Portfolio Archive (login required)

Communication Arts Program Review (login required)

Communication Arts Assessment Evidence (login required)

Communication Arts Annual Assessment Evidence Archive (login required)

Continuing Education Program Review 2015: Self-Study (login required)

Continuing Education Program Review 2015: Evidence (login required)

Creative Action (IL) Program Review (login required)

Creative Action (IL) Student Evidence (login required)

Digital Media Program Review (login required)

Fashion Design Program Review 2015-16 (login required)

Annual Fashion Design Assessment Evidence Archive (login required)

Fine Arts Program Review 2014 (login required)

Fine Arts Assessment Evidence (login required)

Foundation Program Review Self Study (login required)

Foundation Student Evidence (login required)

Liberal Arts and Sciences Program Review Self-Study (login required)

Liberal Arts and Sciences Assessment: Annual Reports and Practices (login required)

Interdisciplinary Studies Program Review - Fall 2017 (login required)

Interdisciplinary Studies - Assessment Evidence (includes ACT) (login required)

Product Design Program Review (login required)

Product Design Assessment (login required)

Product Design Portfolio Share (login required)

Program Review - Toy Design - 2015/16 (login required)

Toy Design - Student Evidence ePortfolio (login required)

Graduate Programs

Fine Arts MFA External Review 2014-15 (login required)

Graphic Design MFA Program Review (login required)

Graphic Design MFA Evidence (login required)

Public Practice MFA Self Study (login required)

Graduate Writing Program Review (login required)

Graduate Writing - Student Evidence (login required)


Ben Maltz Gallery Program Review 2010 (login required)

Co-Curricular Assessment ePortfolio (login required)

Library + Instructional Technology Program Review 2014 (login required)

Library Annual Assessment (login required)

eLearning Assessment (login required)

Annual Assessment 2016-17

Every undergraduate department and program conducts an annual assessment of 2-3 program learning outcomes (1 of which must be an institutional learning outcome) and completes a report with analysis and future plans. The following reports for 2016-17 are located located here with login required.

  • 2016-17 ACT and Minors Annual Program Assessment Form
  • 2016-17 ACT Assessment Inventory Form - Minors
  • 2016-17 ALI Annual Program Assessment
  • 2016-17 ALI Assessment Inventory
  • 2016-17 CAIL Annual Program Assessment Form
  • 2016-17 CAIL Assessment Inventory Form
  • 2016-17 COMD Annual Program Assessment Form
  • 2017 Digital Media Annual Program Assessment plan
  • 2016-17 Fashion Design Annual Program Assessment Form
  • 2016-17 Fashion Course Assessment Form (Fall)
  • 2016-17 Fashion Course Assessment Form (Spring)
  • 2017 Fine Arts Junior Year Review
  • 2017 Fine Arts Inventory
  • 2016-17 Foundaton Annual Program Assessment Form
  • 2016-17 Foundation Assessment Inventory Form
  • LAS Four-year CC Assessment (Written Communication, Critical Thinking, and Information Literacy Summary)
  • 2016-17 Liberal Arts and Sciences Annual Program Assessment Form
  • 2016-17 Liberal Arts and Sciences Assessment Inventory Form
  • 2016-17 Product Design Annual Program Assessment
  • 2016-17 Product Design Program Review Action Steps
  • 2016-17 Toy Design Annual Program Assessment Form
  • 2016-17 Toy Design Assessment Inventory Form

See also: Student Outcomes

For templates and planning assistance documents, see the Faculty Assessment Support website.