Bianca Costa

Perloff Hall Courtyard Landscape Design - Plan
Perloff Hall Courtyard Landscape Design - Views
DTLA Elementary School - Front View
DTLA Elementary School - Floorplans and Diagram
DTLA Los Angeles Elementary School - Interior Views
DTLA Elementary School KIndergarten Classroom - Plan
DTLA Elementary School KIndergarten Classroom - Interior Views
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Bianca Costa

Hello, my name is Bianca Moreno, and I’m a 2020 Architecture/Landscape/Interiors  graduate from Otis College of Art and Design.

I’m a passionate designer focused on efficient design through art and sustainability. Throughout the past four years, I explored a multi-disciplinary approach to architecture practices in my program at Otis, finally deciding to focus on interior design. I have worked in both small and large interiors offices on residential and commercial projects in Southern California. I hold a minor in Sustainability and believe that it is an essential part of my design strategies to perpetuate long-term relationships with the environment. This year I decided to pursue a Certificate in Lighting Design to understand how spaces can be lit effectively and successfully. I am highly experienced in drafting, 3D modeling and rendering softwares, including Rhino, Sketch-up, AutoCAD, Revit, Adobe Creative Suite, and AGI32 for photometric calculations.

Perloff Hall Courtyard Landscape Design

UCLA’s Perloff Hall courtyard has an existing sloping ground condition with building entries at different heights that create constraints for people with disabilities. Careful consideration was taken into redeveloping the courtyard in compliance with the ADA code and with the intent of providing a new socio-educational space based on sustainability and diversity.

Perloff Hall Courtyard Landscape Design

California native and drought-tolerant plants are distributed across the three terrace levels, in which convenient ADA accessibility is available next to the building’s main entrances. The plants are relatively low-maintenance and come from a variety of species, reflecting Los Angeles’ urban, diverse character.

Downtown Los Angeles Elementary School

Studio 5 consisted of designing and effectively programming an Elementary School located in Downtown Los Angeles. The intent of the building is to operate as a safe haven, a place where students feel protected and integrated with nature in the midst of an urban scene.

Downtown Los Angeles Elementary School

Elementary School activity spaces were distributed with the intent of lifting students through their academic career and protecting them from the distractions of the street. Classrooms are located on higher levels of building and staggered so that light and air can flow through the building.

Downtown Los Angeles Elementary School

Downtown Los Angeles Elementary School - KIndergarten Classroom

This is a kindergarden classroom in the Downtown Los Angeles Elementary School. A pale, sublime color palette and scandinavian design references were implemented in the interior space to provide an uplifting yet not distracting atmosphere for the children.

Downtown Los Angeles Elementary School - Kindergarten Classroom

Furniture, lighting and overall materiality was specified using traditional FF&E methods with the ultimate goal of creating a space where children feel safe and inspired to learn and develop new skills.