Deborah Kaufeldt-Boardman

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Deborah Kaufeldt-Boardman
My name is Deborah Kaufeldt-Boardman and I am graduating with a BFA in Fashion Design from Otis College of Art and Design.  My main area of design is men’s tailored wear/ sportswear. I am more focused on pushing the technical aspects of fashion design such as pattern and sample making.
Moodboard of my collection called transparency. These designs are associated with my junior mentor project with adidas/Agron.
Collaged image of my designs for this collection. The collections focus was to make a collection neutral to gender.
The design from my collection that was chosen to be made for the Otis benefit fashion show.
Picture collage of the making/fitting process of my chosen garment for adidas/Agron.
Mood board of my collection called loss of innocence. The basis of this collection was the story of red riding hood where I displayed the corruption of ones mental state as it falls into insanity.
This slide depicts my designs for the wolf in red riding hood. The accents of red increase throughout the illustration to show the fall into insanity by being engulfed into the red(mental illness).
This slide depicts red riding hood in which the mind has already fallen into insanity and such things as the mask(gauge), wool( restraints), leather(weight), all in red (mental illness) fabrications show how far a person has lost themselves.
This slide depicts one of my red designs chosen for my mentorship with David Miester and Solstiss USA to create a garment made completely of red fabrication with a focus on the use of red lace and irregular shapes.