Rachel Kim

"Elemental" Figure 1 & 2 with Flats and Drape/Finished Garment.
"Elemental" Figure 3 & 4 with Flats and Drape.
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Rachel Kim
My name is Rachel Kim.  I am graduating from Otis College of Art and Design in May 2020. Growing up, I always used fashion as a positive outlet for me to express myself. I had no experience in the fashion industry before Otis, but I have experienced countless learning curves. I understand the design process; from  research, then adding my creativity, to then attaining technical skills . My skills range from concept development, draping, fabric manipulation, illustrating, drawing technical flats, sewing, patternmaking, and utilizing Illustrator and Photoshop. I am thankful for the instructors who have consistently encouraged me, and taught me everything I know. My immediate plan is to take what I’ve learned and work as an assistant designer. I want to gain as much experience from companies that will allow me to grow as a designer. My passion is designing Women's Contemporary Ready-to-Wear. As of now, the thought of having my own business is still a dream, but that motivates me to keep pushing forward.
I titled this group “Elemental” because this collection focuses on soft & organic shapes. This is a Spring/Resort Collection, using enlarged floral prints, which I developed and worked with a print manufacturer to get it digitally printed onto my fabric of choice - Poly Chiffon.  I created two different colorways, because I wanted to give my customer options. These prints can be merchandised together since the colors were pulled from the same color story, but they looks different enough to reach more than one customer preference. 
Illustration #1: This jacket has loosely draped sleeves, styled with a printed, asymmetrical dress and a legging. The photo shows how the sleeve is draped and how it fits around the arm. The bottom of the sleeve should be loose and flowy, while the top gets tighter in order to have a fitted armhole. Illustration #2: Lamb-Skin leather hoodie with over-exaggerated sleeves and hood. I added extra seams throughout the jacket in order to maximize each leather hide. Fully lined with China Silk, wrist and waist placket is clean finished with enclosed elastic, keeping the sporty details.
Illustration #1: This coat is a sister design to the the oversized leather hoodie. They both share a similar oversized sleeve and use the same fabrication; Lamb-Skin Leather. Details of silk lining and elastic inside the wrist placket are also the same. Illustration #2: This oversized vest is styled with a softly draped, asymmetrical dress. This dress uses different fabrics, navy chiffon, pink (pop color)jersey, & grey pleated jersey. On the right side, the chiffon overlays the grey jersey which creates a muted tone, which ties back to my color story. On the left side, the chiffon overlays the pink jersey, but the neckline is left open for the pop color to show as an important detail for this dress, the chiffon is draped accordingly over the jersey.
"Elemental" Figure 1 & 2.
"Elemental" Figure 3 & 4. 
 I named this group, “Glam Rock”, because I started this project with inspiration images of cracked concrete, distressed fabric dye, skirt with yellow trim that pulls the fabric to gather, snake skinned boots. Once as I saw the snake skin next to the cracked concrete, I noticed how well they related to each other, and I showed that with my treatment. For this group, the customer is edgy with a touch of punk and rock feel, yet she is also sophisticated and professional.
This page contains my illustrations paired with its technical flats. This group is an elevated, active wear collection, using sharp and hard shapes to create different proportions. This collection can be worn both day and night, and is appropriate for almost any event. Each outwear is a statement piece, which will stay on trend for many seasons because each has its own originality but still kept classic, wearable proportions.