Roni Nisim

Ujima Village Park - Exterior Rendering of Canopies
Ujima Village Park -  View of Botanical Gardens
Perloff Hall Courtyard - View
Venice Shelter for the Youth - View of Sleeping Bunks
Venice Shelter for the Youth - View of Sleeping Bunks
The Downtown Apartment Building - View of Interior
Downtown Suburbia Elementary - View of Interior
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Roni Nisim

My name is Roni Nisim. I was born in Israel and raised in Los Angeles.

I am a designer graduating from Otis College of Art and Design in May 2020 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architecture/Landscape/Interiors and a minor in Sustainability. I have developed my professional background through an internship at an architecture firm where I participated in all aspects of producing high quality, precise 3D models and renderings. I am highly experienced in all aspects of drafting, 3D modeling, rendering, and in working with Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) as well as AutoCAD and Rhino 3D. I believe great design is the result of collaborative work combined with passionate, innovative, intelligent values that transforms a place into a unique solution that responds to human needs.

Ujima Village Park

The Ujima Village site is a brownfield site located in South Los Angeles on a former Exxon Mobil oil tank farm. This park has been reimagined to provide visitors with a truly welcoming, cheerful environment. The main goal of this park is to provide amenities to the community where visitors can enjoy exploring the space with family and friends. Ujima Village Park amenities include museums, a picnic area and botanical gardens where visitors enjoy the refreshing aromas. The vibrant field of canopies provides shaded areas below for those hiding from the sun and sunny areas for those that desire the sun.

Ujima Village Park

The botanical and butterfly garden offer refreshing aromas and views of the field of canopies.

This redesigned Perloff Hall Courtyard located at UCLA creates a practical and universally-accessible high traffic space used by students and faculty throughout the school. Its universal design breaks up the rigidness of the building with curvilinear, flowing lines through the use of ramps that allow this design to be so universal and practical. Classic UCLA architecture is referenced  through the use of materials and patterns found in the Perloff Hall.

Venice Shelter for the Youth is a mobile facility that provides service to homeless minors in Venice Beach. This center not only provides food and shelter for the residents but an opportunity to improve the life of this socially excluded group, whose needs extend further than simply finding a place to sleep. The Shelter's mission is to provide residents with opportunities to learn and strengthen skills necessary in their transition into permanent, stable housing.

Venice Shelter for the Youth provides a safe, neutral space that consists of private spaces within larger social zones that promote interaction and self-progression. As a temporary facility, this building can fulfill many roles. Using the “Box” form of a double-wide modular,  limits of flexibility in the interiors were tested.

The Downtown Apartment Building accommodates people with disabilities, specifically those who are wheelchair bound, as well as their families and caregivers. A barrier-free design accommodates all residents and, most importantly, provides a healing environment where residents can recuperate at their own pace and convenience. This environment heals and supports those with illness and disabilities with treatment facilities and an indoor pool and garden that promote and improve physical and mental well-being. The residents' lives are embraced and celebrated in their full complexity through harmoniously interweaving rooms of different purposes, objectives and uses.

Downtown Suburbia Elementary school in Downtown, Los Angeles features a massive courtyard that allows fresh air and natural light to seep into the building. It offers all elements that a suburban school provides and more. Light penetrates through all corners of the building and there's a vast amount of exterior spaces. All programmatic elements are connected by exterior ramps that wrap the entire structure, connecting related program and functions on both the interior and exterior of the ramps.