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Books and Readers


Estimate Price List for Books and Course Readers 

The prices below do not include shipping fees.

Check the list below before classes start to ensure you have not missed any required books or readers for your classes. The list is organized by studio department. Core classes such as Art History (AHCS) and English (ENGL) will be listed under Liberal Arts and Sciences.

BOOKS - purchased from any bookseller.

COURSE READERS -  can only be purchased from Cognella.

See the FAQ for more information.

At this time, the following Academic Programs do NOT have any classes that require the purchase of books or readers: Artists Community and Teaching, Communication Arts, Digital Media, Fine Arts, Graduate Fine Arts, Graduate Graphic Design, Creative Action, Product Design, and Toy Design.

The above information has been provided in compliance with the Higher Opportunity Education Act and to further assist students by providing book and reader costs at the time of registration.