Employment Agencies

Employment agencies are hired by companies to find qualified candidates for their temporary, temp to perm, and permanent positions. They may also provide skills training and helpful company insights. This is a great way to get a foot in the door because it’s like having a recruiter work for you and can supplement your job search while you continue networking, researching employers, and finding opportunities on your own. There is no cost to you since companies pay the employment agency a fee for their services.

Write down or bookmark your favorite employment agencies so you can easily come back to them. Track your progress by writing down companies and jobs of interest. Even though it can feel like they’re working for you, they’re really working for the companies that hire them. Follow up on applications or new opportunities every week. Persistence to let them know you’re still interested is important, because otherwise they may assume you’ve found work elsewhere.

Creative employment agencies include: 

Education employment agencies include:

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