Welcome to the Otis College Student Learning Center

At the Otis College Student Learning Center (SLC), we are dedicated to fostering intellectual, personal, and creative growth. Our mission is to empower students as independent learners and engaged community members in the art and design field. We offer comprehensive academic support that nurtures authentic expression and development.

Our services include on-campus and online tutoring, success coaching, labs, workshops, and various programs designed to help students thrive. We continuously evolve our offerings to respect diverse learning styles and knowledge bases.

Our Goals

  • Individual Vision and Voice: We support the development of unique artistic perspectives through personalized guidance and feedback.
  • Autonomy and Authority: We equip students with tools and strategies for lifelong learning and self-advocacy.
  • Creative Self-Expression: We encourage critical thinking and ethical inquiry as cornerstones of the creative process.
  • Community Engagement: We foster collaboration and connection across campus, integrating students into the broader Otis community.

Visit our SLC Libguide for more detailed information, resources, photos, and to schedule a tutoring appointment with our friendly and dedicated team. We look forward to supporting your journey at Otis College.