Apprenticeship Program

The Netflix Fellowship Experience

Learning Labs

Throughout the apprenticeship, students will participate in an after work series of learning labs. Hosted by Netflix’s agency partners, these sessions will focus on personal and professional development topics including technical training, resume/portfolio building, and navigating through the industry. These 2 hour conversations and workshops will be held at an agency partner’s office so students get to experience multiple work environments.
Instructor at Netflix Access

Agency Immersion Days

Agency Immersion Days take learning labs to the next level. Students will get immersed in a day-in-the-life perspective at a creative agency. This is an opportunity for students to experience an interactive tour and learn more about a partner agency’s culture, work, and people. Students will meet with current employees and begin to build relationships that will help shape their careers.

Students at Netflix Access

Networking Events

At various times during the apprenticeship, students will have the opportunity to attend networking events where they can connect with industry leaders, Netflix teams, and agency partners. These events are intended to create a space for students to organically and authentically have conversations and get to know people from around the industry.
Students at Netflix Access

Career Day w/ Portfolio Review

As the apprenticeship comes to a close, Career Day is an opportunity for students to showcase all their talents and skills to Netflix’s partner agencies. Career day is a full day of programming aimed at strengthening connections, expanding networks and highlighting job opportunities. The Portfolio Review is a unique chance for students to share their work and get feedback from industry professionals.
Class at Netflix Access

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