Otis College of Art and Design defines a “carpool” as two or more staff/faculty employees who are actively working and sharing one car on commutes to and from the Goldsmith campus. Carpool participants have the option of parking in preferred parking spaces designated for carpools in the Goldsmith garage.

Carpool parking spaces may be utilized only on those days when two or more registered staff/faculty carpool participants drive to work together. Carpool spaces are limited and available on a first-come, first-parked basis.

Carpool Permit: How to Obtain a Carpool Hang Tag

Only one (1) online form is necessary per carpool group, and all participants must be listed on the same form.

  • Once the Carpool Application is approved by the College’s Benefits Manager and the Environmental Health, Safety, and Security Manager, one (1) carpool hang tag will be issued to the carpool group. Carpool participants must share the one hang tag issued. Carpool hang tags must be displayed whenever parked in the preferred spaces.

Carpool Parking: Terms and Conditions

Carpool participants may park in the designated spaces only on days that they carpool to work.

  • Vehicles must display the carpool hang tag from the rearview mirror to park in the designated carpool spaces. If a hang tag is not displayed or is not easily visible, the vehicle will be subject to a parking citation. The owner of the cited car is responsible for paying any parking violation fees.
  • Carpool spaces and permit requirements are enforceable at all times.
  • Any abuse of the carpool permits or guidelines will result in the cancellation of carpool parking privileges for the entire carpool group.
  • If you choose to stop carpooling with a particular group, notify Human Resources. If your carpool group decides to disband, return the hang tag to Human Resources.

Any questions may be directed to Benefits Manager, Denise Schlegel, at dschlegel@otis.edu or to the Environmental Health, Safety, and Security Manager, Tony Ruiz at aruiz@otis.edu.