Collaborative Assignments and Projects

Collaboration is a key factor in every professional area of art and design

At Otis College, collaborative learning assignments and projects are integrated into many studio and Liberal Arts and Sciences courses beginning with Foundation classes. Collaborative learning begins with group homework projects and assignments, in-class presentations, and simulations and leads up to Creative Action Integrated Learning courses that offer semester long projects with community partners.

There are also co-curricular opportunities for students to work in a variety of clubs and campus organizations.

The key is helping students from diverse backgrounds and experiences learn to listen to each other and to work and solve problems together.

CAIL Human Ecology
Sophomore Creative Action students in Human Ecology working with community members at Venice High School to make a chalk mandala for the campus Learning Garden.
CAIL Made for Kids
In Made for Kids, a Creative Action course, juniors work with students from Westside Global Awareness. They are making stencils for the school entry to serve as educational tools to help students learn about the environment and sustainability.
Students collaborate with Homeboy Industries in a Creative Action course to develop products.
Many courses require students to practice teamwork and collaboration for projects.