Writing Intensive Courses

Successful artists and designers need well-developed writing skills to communicate in a global world and Otis College fosters this in a variety of ways. In Liberal Arts and Sciences courses, you will learn different kinds of writing, including writing in a digital environment. These courses scaffold writing instruction at all levels with a strong emphasis on practice, instructor feedback, and revision. Many studio courses also require students to write about their creative process, the value of their studio projects, and their developing positions on issues within their discipline. Finally, all students critically reflect and write about their coursework and their college experience, which increases metacognition and helps students connect the dots between what they are learning and how they will apply that learning in their professional and personal lives.

Writing in the Digital classStudents working in the first year Writing in the Digital Age class where they learn how to convey ideas in a variety of genres and digital formats.
Writing classSmall classes and a high faculty/student ratio mean that students get continual feedback through the writing process, opportunities to revise, and reflect on what they are thinking and writing.
Peer reviewPeer review is an important part of the writing and revision process where students apply their critical thinking skills to helping each other improve writing.

Writing tutors at the Student Learning Center help students with critical thinking and writing mechanics.