Huntington Retail Line

Huntington Retail Line Project by Design Lab Students
Huntington Retail Line Project by Design Lab Students
Huntington Retail Line Project by Design Lab Students
Huntington Retail Line Project by Design Lab Students

The Huntington hired Design Lab to design sustainably-produced, branded items that reflect the entirety of The Huntington experience—the gardens, the collections, and the architecture. Focus was placed on products that can be worn or carried to increase brand awareness.

The designers started this project by meeting with The Huntington’s retail team and visiting the store, investigating current products on display, product gaps, price points, which items were selling (and which weren’t). The retail staff encouraged the Design Lab team to design items that they and their peer group would carry or wear, to appeal to their demographic.

Student Charlie Utter’s selected design was inspired by the geometric layering of The Huntington’s gardens and architecture. Although he originally pitched a set of playing cards, the designs were easily adapted to a wide variety of items, which made them particularly successful.

An additional component of this project was researching sustainable vendor partners to manufacture the items. The Huntington wanted products that were not only beautiful but in keeping with their mission. This led students to a deep dive into the many permutations of sustainable manufacturing and the trade offs it entails. They had to consider local versus overseas production; the impact of different types of materials, dyes, and printing processes; and the overall carbon footprint of each item.

The Huntington x Otis collection launched in July 2023, gaining immediate fans. The popular Rose Garden totes and t-shirts sold out within two months.

“The talent, training, and creative approach these students possess delivered memory-sealing, quality products for The Huntington visitor. It was a joyful collaboration that my team and I valued. We plan to collaborate again soon!” —Mark Millmore, Director of Retail at The Huntington Store.

 This project won a Graphis Silver Award.

Project Team

Charlie Utter ‘23 Communication Arts

Salan Hamamah ‘23 Communication Arts

Marina Ko ‘23 Communication Arts

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