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Tech Style Logos by Design Lab Students
Tech Style Logos by Design Lab Students

Design Lab was hired to create a visually interconnected suite of logos for the Employee Resource Groups at TechStyle. Presented as a group, these logos embody the spirit of unity and inclusion—core values of TechStyle. Individually, these logos celebrate the unique attributes of the groups they represent.

Each designer chose a different Employee Resource Group to engage. They conducted interviews with members to understand the group’s mission, goals, and values, as well as their style preferences. Working together as a team, the designers identified commonalities and crafted a unified identity that would also allow each group to express their individuality. Each group experienced its own unique challenges—-Unid@s struggled with how to represent such a diverse group with a single icon while Women at TechStyle debated gender color theory. Throughout the process, each ERG only saw their own group’s logo. At the end of the project, the entire set of logos was unveiled at a company-wide meeting. Each ERG leader proudly introduced their new logo and shared the inspiration and design journey.

Project Team

Laura Salazar ‘23 Communication Arts

Yaritza Velazquez ‘22 Communication Arts

Isabel Kim ‘23 Communication Arts

Treyvon Washington ‘23 Communication Arts

Richard Panduro ‘23 Communication Arts

Charlie Utter ‘23 Communication Arts

Vivian Liang ‘22 Communication Arts


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