Building on the success of our previous partnership, Design Lab was hired by furniture designer and retailer Jonathan Louis to bring their 2022 design trends to life with a mobile-first website and social media campaign, using evocative, abstract, and emotional words and imagery.


The designers began by compiling mood boards for each trend, which included color palettes, imagery (both sourced and original), motion content, and written statements. 

Prime Essentials: Bathe in the soft fragrance of eucalyptus, sandalwood, and sage, sink your body in a cloud of fresh cotton sheets, or close your eyes to the sound of soft rain outside your window. This is an open door into a meditative land, where outside noise and distractions are lost, and peaceful solitude is found.

Prime Essentials

Birds of Paradise: A trend for adventurers who are fascinated by new experiences. They like holding on to memories and sharing them with the people around them. They are the explorers, the collectors, and the ones who desire to tell a story.

Birds of Passage


Following the mood board exploration and client review, the designers created four website concepts that brought the trends to life in different ways. The approved concept combined collage, animation, video, and interactive elements to build an immersive story around each trend.



Social Media

For a social media audience, the designers leveraged the collage style from the website and imagined each design trend as a doorway, leading to its own unique world.

Jonathan Luis Design

Jonthan Luis Designs