Distinguished Educator

Otis College annually honors one outstanding Otis faculty member. as the Distinguished Educator Award recipient and receives $2,500. They are introduced at Commencement, and honored at the annual faculty Convocation.

Excellence in Teaching

Each year one Part-Time and one Full-Time faculty member each receive the Excellence in Teaching Award. Both recipients receive $1,250, are introduced at Commencement, and honored at the annual faculty Convocation.

Gary Geraths2024 Distinguished Educator

Beverly Bledsoe Associate Professor, Foundation Department

Cole James<2024 Teaching Excellence

Cole James, Assistant Professor, Foundation Department, Full-Time

Mayuka Nagasawa

2024 Teaching Excellence

Mayuka Thais, Senior Lecturer, Foundation Department, Part-Time

Gary Geraths2023 Distinguished Educator

Gary Geraths, Associate Professor, Digital Media

Jennifer Moon<

2023 Teaching Excellence

Jennifer Moon, Assistant Professor, BFA Fine Arts(Full-Time)

Regis Peeples

2023 Teaching Excellence

Regis Peeples, Senior Lecturer, Liberal Arts and Sciences (Part-Time)

Raul Moreno

2022 Distinguished Educator

Raul Moreno, Associate Professor, Digital Media

Jeremiah chiu

2022 Teaching Excellence

Jeremiah Chiu, Assistant Professor, Communication Arts (Full-Time)

Scott Zaragoza

2022 Teaching Excellence

Scott Zaragoza, Senior Lecturer, Foundation (Part-Time)


Chris Warner

2021 Distinguished Educator

Chris Warner Associate Professor, Foundation

JoAnn Staten

2021 Teaching Excellence

JoAnn Staten, Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts and Sciences (Full-Time)

Roni Feldman

2021 Teaching Excellence

Roni Feldman, Assistant Professor, Foundation (Part-Time)

Chris Eckardt

2020 Distinguished Educator

Chris Eckardt, Associate Professor, Digital Media


Tucker Neel

2020 Teaching Excellence

Tucker Neel, Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts and Sciences (Full-Time)

Emma Kemp

2020 Teaching Excellence

Emma Kemp, Assistant Professor, Foundation (Part-Time)

Past Award Recipients


2019 Distinguished Educator

Soo Kim, Professor, Fine Arts

2019 Teaching Excellence

Silas Munro, Asst. Professor, Communication Arts (Full-Time)

George Fuentes, Lecturer, Digital Media (Part-Time)


2018 Distinguished Educator

Richard Lundquist, Adjunct Professor, Architecture/Landscape/Interiors

2018 Teaching Excellence

Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia, Associate Professor, Communication Arts (Full-Time)

Kim De Marco, Assistant Professor, Communication Arts (Part-Time)


2017 Distinguished Educator

JT Steiny, Senior Lecturer, Communication Arts

2017 Teaching Excellence

Joanne Mitchell, Associate Professor, Foundation (Full-Time)

Jessica Ngo, Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts and Sciences (Part-Time)


2016 Distinguished Educator

Jim Starret, Professor, Foundation

2016 Teaching Excellence

Siri Kaur, Associate Professor, Fine Arts, Foundation (Full-Time)
Laura Barbera, Senior Lecturer, Digital Media (Part-Time)


2015 Distinguished Educator

Christian Mounger, Associate Professor, Foundation

2015 Teaching Excellence

Marlena Donohue, Associate Professor, Liberal Studies, Grad Fine Arts (Full-Time)

Chris Badger, Assistant Professor, Fine Arts, Foundation (Part-Time)


2014 Distinguished Educator

Dana Duff, Professor, Fine Arts and Graduate Public Practice

2014 Teaching Excellence

Jason Burton, Assistant Professor, Product Design and Foundation (Full-Time)

William ‘Bill’ Sneed, Lecturer, Digital Media (Part-Time)


2013 Distinguished Educator

Harry Mott, Chair, Digital Media

2013 Teaching Excellence

Bill Kelley, Jr. Lecturer, Graduate Public Practice (Part-Time)

Renee Petropoulous, Associate Professor, Graduate Fine Arts (Full-Time)


2012 Distinguished Educator

Gary Geraths, Associate Professor, Foundation and Digital Media

2012 Teaching Excellence

Mark Wyse, Senior Lecturer, Fine Arts (Part-Time)

Meg Cranston Chair, Fine Arts (Full-Time)


2011 Distinguished Educator

Jill Higashi-Zeleznik, Assistant Chair, Fashion Design.

2011 Teaching Excellence

Carol Branch, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Liberal Studies (Part Time).

Erin Hauber, Assistant Professor, Communication Arts (Full Time).


2010 Distinguished Educator

Scott Grieger, Professor, Fine Arts

2010 Teaching Excellence

Anthony Young, Professor, Fashion Design (Full-Time)

Robert Summers, Lecturer, Liberal Studies (Part-Time)

Other faculty members have received the Eddy Award:

2009: Michael Schrier
2008: Christian Mounger
2007: Heather Joseph-Witham
2006: James Starrett
2005: Randall Lavender
2004: Joan Takayama-Ogawa
2003: Parme Giuntini
2002: Debra Ballard
2001: Ave Pildas
2000: Rosemary Brantley
1999: Robert L. Glover
1998: Katie Philips
1997: Scott Grieger and Kathryn Hagen