At Otis College, we are committed to our Workplace Values as they foster an environment of academic excellence, and creativity. We maintain a first-class learning experience by providing high standards of performance, and effective communication. We thrive by living the Otis College Mission to “prepare diverse students of art and design to enrich our world through their creativity, their skill, and their vision” as together we Create. Imagine. and Connect.

Our values are defined below:


  • Academic excellence is our driving force.
  • Student-centered thinking guides us and our actions.


  • We strive to create trust and to learn from one another.
  • We encourage shared ownership and informed leadership.


  • We communicate with each other honestly and respectfully.
  • We assume positive intentions.


  • We are committed to high standards of performance.
  • We are solution- and service-oriented.


  • We think strategically and plan effectively.
  • We are adaptable and open to growth and change.