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My story started with the magenta crayon found in a fat pack of Crayolas. The power one gets from creativity can lead to smokey magnificent cauldrons. However, I was pulled toward the light by my grandfather’s sermons in the Holiness Church. I’m a city girl born in Los Angeles in the mid 50’s and my strict religious background ensured that I would do all the good I can, the best I can, for as long as I can. Let me be clear, my life has been touched with many misfortunes, as we all are in some manner. I like using pastels as it softens life’s darkness. As we deal with cruelty, hate, and sometimes circumstances that twist and turn the mind, joy keeps me balanced. My art’s focus is on the good. My definition of good is a motion toward relief against the screaming pain. A smile of innocence, a breeze across a sweaty brow, and a glimpse of a figure or color that grabs your attention as it brings you home. I am a painter who got hypnotized with clay, moreover, I am a sculptor who believes in working with a community to make life a bit better.

 Patsy Pitts ('18 BFA Fine Arts)

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