dallin l moe

Abstract painting
Abstract painting
Abstract painting
Abstract painting
Constructed Room Installation
Script and poetry from performance
Installation view and 1 of the 14 photos included in installation
Flowers painted on cardboard
Peony painted on cardboard
Risograph print
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dallin l moe

Why?: Possible Prologue to Statement

I think as human beings, we often disconnect from the most important things in life. Consumed with insecurities, stress, and fear, we tend to withdraw from the world around us, and we can even come to neglect our own well being.

I grew up an actor, neglecting my own internal pain. I felt alone, and I did my best to mask the pain through substance abuse and staying busy. I found that I had come to neglect more than my pain. I cared less about people, about life, about everything, all the while simply acting as though everything was fine.

I eventually found connection through art, individuals, community, and in God. Through the lens of vulnerability, I found that others related to my pain. Being open and honest not only led me to connect with people but to the world around me and to myself. I create art because:

I care very much for people.

I want individuals to feel that I care.

I want someone to know that they matter and see that the life around them is beautiful.

I want to cultivate connection.

Untitled (artifact), 2020
Oil on canvas
36 x 24 inches

Untitled (artifact), 2020
Oil on canvas
20 x 16 inches

Untitled (artifact), 2020
Oil on canvas
84 x 48 inches

Untitled (artifact), 2020
Oil on canvas
24 x 18 inches

Untitled, 2018
Installation (wood, drywall) 
96 x 132 x 96 inches

“The experience of constructing and being in this installation changed the trajectory of my art practice. The piece led me to realize that I knew I wanted to work with people (who are passionate about what they do) and that the experience of the piece far outweighs the physical object, both in creation and it’s finalized form.”

Performance, 2019
Variable duration

“I juxtaposed an end-of-year presentation of my work and practice with an open and honest confessional poem. This piece led me to discover the separation between art and life and the power of vulnerability. In viewing art we perceive it as art, as separate from ourselves, and often don't allow it to affect us internally. Vulnerability can be used to penetrate this invisible border. After I finished my presentation peers hugged me and told me it meant something to them, that it was powerful, that they could relate, and that it almost made them emotional.”

love more, 2019
(installation view and 1 of the 14 photos included in installation)
Mixed Media
Dimensions variable

“In a small portion of my studio, this experience consisted of music, a notebook, a series of old family photos, a poem (I wrote in response to the photos), and a pen. Individuals were invited to listen, look, read, and respond (if they wanted). They were left alone, one at a time, and were told to take as long as they liked. The goal was to express vulnerability and invite those who chose to engage in a place of vulnerability themselves. Some wrote very thoughtful and kind responses, some hugged me afterward, and some even cried.”

Floral Still Life Painting, 2019
Oil on cardboard
78 x 52 inches

peony, 2019
Oil, acrylic on cardboard
31 x 22 inches

wandering mind, 2018
Risograph print on paper
11 x 8.5 inches