Dom Dodd

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Dom Dodd

I’m Dom Dodd and I concentrate on visual development and character design for games and animation. I love cartoons, comics, games, and even doll designs. The tools I use most are Photoshop, Procreate, Maya, and ZBrush. In the past, I’ve participated as a group director for projects for the 2019 Walt Disney Imagineering Imaginations Competition, designing a theme park based on Norse mythology, and with the It Gets Better Project and Brave Trails Camp, creating a comic aimed for LGBT+ youth. I make content that I would like to have seen when I was a kid/teenager and hope to inspire the generations after me to explore their creativity and storytelling talents.

Characters designs of Oomi the Chief, Oomi’s little sister Machiko, Ben the Alien Businessman, Gin the Waiter, and Abraham the Detective for 'Ramen Night Out'. Created using Photoshop.

Late Night Cooking, A Visual Development Illustration using Photoshop depicting Oomi cooking up a demon.

Ben’s Gone Missing!, A Visual Development Illustration using Photoshop, depicting Oomi and Machiko racing through the city to find Ben the Alien

Color Keys for Ramen Night Out, using Photoshop, demonstrating some scenes from the series.

Concept art for Ramen Night Out’s Ramen Shop: Night and Day scene using Procreate.

Sheep; a visual development illustration of a girl counting sheep in the sky. Created using Photoshop.

Visual development illustration for a redesign of The Matrix with angels and demons, instead of machines

Visual development illustration of the Journey to the Center of the Earth. Axel and Otto discuss the idea of returning to Earth to find the answer to save the world from freezing over.

Visual development illustration for the Journey to the Center of the Earth. Axel saves a stranger from a ritual sacrifice in the Earth’s core.

Visual development illustration for the Journey to the Center of The Earth. Axel sacrifices himself to save the people of the core from the alien depleting the heat from the Earth.