Estefany Choi

Painting of woman brushing hair of young girl.
Painting of reclining man on sofa with baby resting on his torso.
Installation of two painted boxes with plants; one on the ground and the other mounted on the wall.
Abstract painting with colors of pink, white, black, and yellow.
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Estefany Choi

Estefany's work focuses on figurative painting. She makes expressive family portraits through an active, emotional process. Making use of color-blocking, compositional play, and the spatial interaction of human figures, the more freedom she has with the marks, the better the outcome. By painting from photographic sources, her work presents a rendering of reality, removed from objectivity through mark-making. This approach allows her the freedom to create and determine an abstracted narrative around the interplay of the subject matter within the figure-ground relationship.


7 AM, 2020
Acrylic and oil on canvas
48 x 48 inches

7 PM, 2020
Oil on canvas
36 x 36 inches

Sibling Dynamic, 2019
Mixed media
Dimensions variable

Physical Unrest, 2019
Mixed media
44 x 36 inches