Ningning Wu

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Ningning Wu
Hi, my name is Lemon. I am a fashion design student graduating from Otis College of Art and Design in May 2020 with a Bachelors of Fashion Design. I have developed my professional background through 3 Mentorships in school and 2 internships, as a sales in a fashion design exhibition.   I also worked as a backstage assistant in fashion week in China during the summer holiday. I also had 3 Mentorships while in school:  Adidas, David Meister, and A.L.C. In my four years at Otis, I gained many skills which included sewing skills, patternmaking, designing, drawing, fitting and digital design(PS/AI)etc. When I am searching for new ideas, I browse through artist's work to gain inspiration. I try to come up with my own ideas because what you are currently looking at  already exists. So be creative.
Tittle: Back to 1980 2000S The design series is based on throwback to earlier times, back to 1980s. Back in the days of our dad’s fashion clothes. Men and women were very similar, with huge shoulder pads that extend outwards, Large shoulder pads can help women cover the collarbone and rebuild a different shoulder shape. So in the 80s POWER SUITS is synonymous with the most compact suits. It can also be said that the 80's were the age of POWER SUITS. Women are POWER DRESSING. And combines the 2000 women’s style and Japanese men’s style. Mixing masculine elements with raw and avant-garde elements of women’s wardrobe. 
This is how I develop my deisgn, how I created my own print for this collection.
This is the one of my design.
This is my full collection.
The one of my Mentorships, brand called "A.L.C.", pictures from fitting. I love this outfit so much. Personally I think is most successful for me.
This design series is based on outfits of 1940’s U.S. Marine Corp. Their camouflage outfit helps them hide in the bushes or forests to avoid attacks from the enemies. They perfectly fit into the surroundings and environments. They are part of the bigger environment and hard to distinguish them from. This is where I find my inspiration for the fabric and colors. Besides, I found out that their bags were part of the outfit. It is all interconnected. My research shows that this bag is for bullets, medicine, other stuff for daily life and items from the loved ones. In that chaotic period, they didn’t have a permanent home. They were wherever the war was. Troops would be deployed there. They were forced to leave their families behind and call wherever they were a temporary home. I combine these elements with futuristic patterns or impressions and I have my final collection.
The one of illustration and design with a treatment.
This collection is inspired by dreams. Everybody dreams differently. Sees different things in their dreams. Most dreams are vague, bright, but mine is light yellow. In a spring morning, I am at a retreat in the country side, living my idle life. This is life in its most basic form. But at the same time, I pursued high living standards in my life. Me in a four dimensional space is similar with me in a three dimensional space but not without its difference. I have identify and agree to myself. I need to have that confidence in myself. 
The one of my illustrations of Series 2 : dreaming my dream attach treatment alongside.
Explored without compromise, through both physical spaces enticing further ideas of form and function, and experiences expressing the innovative nature of the brand.