Sherlock Lin

Project Yokai
Tech Isolation Part 1
Isolation Part 2 - Watching games on phone is also dangerous
The Tragic - Goddess
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Sherlock Lin

A unique thinker with the ability to problem-solve that wants to create meaningfully work. Interested in mostly everything that fascinates me personally. Passionate in the entertainment industry, love to watch movies, shows, and animation. I love to explore things in 3D space. I’m interested in sculpting, concept art, modeling, video making, etc..

This is an illustration about a girl that is overly obsessed with a guy she likes but to the point which she wasn't able to sleep, the voodoo dolls on her wall represents girls who are close to the guy who she loves, she is too overly obsessive to the point of wanting to murder the guy and we all know what happens next...

Yokai is stand for monster in Japanese, this painting is an re-imagined scene from "Monster INC." but with a bit of twist to represent how scary monsters can be in a Japanese shrine setting

Technology is one of the main reasons we are isolating one to another, without actual contact and experience you will be missing out on things that are actually important. In the painting we can see the interaction with each character on how they are missing out or distracted in the environment

The fisherman is watching a sports game on his phone while fishing and not realizing there's polar bear behind him and a shark below him waiting for their lunch to be served

This is a character design done in Zbrush from the story line - The Tragic, it's about a guy that was being blamed for what he didn't do on a terrorist attack and was executed but the goddess later revives him to give him another chance to take revenge