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100 Projects

Open Call to All Artists and Creatives

Otis College of Art and Design is embarking on a year-long campaign to support, elevate, and celebrate the creative individual and creative community.

We call it the 100% campaign.

As part of the campaign, Otis College is proud to announce an open call for submissions to the 100 Projects. This call is open to all artists, designers, and other creative persons, with unique perspectives and approaches, who are interested in displaying their 100% commitment. The selected 100 Projects will be heavily promoted throughout the campaign. The call is open to the public and a broad range of mediums and formats will be considered. Be one of the first 100 submissions and the application fee is waived. See below for project guidelines and details.

What's Your 100%?

The 100 Projects' theme is centered on the concept of 100%. It's about your unique voice and commitment. Our goal is to exhibit 100 different artists and creatives, each with a singular voice.

Our ideal submission presents work that is 100% committed, whether in its theme, subject matter, materials, or concept. The work can embrace an entire range of creative endeavors. For this reason, proposed projects that include a strong sense of narrative and speak to a wide audience are highly encouraged.

All work in the 100 Projects will be displayed on our digital gallery platform and a number of pieces will be presented on the campus of Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles and in other public venues and outlets, as available. The selected participants will be responsible for ensuring their work meets requirements for display, presentation, and/or installation. Staff will have final approval of the presentation of the work. All work submitted to the 100 Projects will be digitally represented online for an indefinite period.

Otis College - 100 Projects

Promotion of the 100 Projects

Otis College will promote the 100 Projects as a central part of the Centennial celebration. It will be distributed across all facets of Otis College's' online channels including through the College's website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and a new Find Your 100 Website dedicated to the 100% Campaign. The 100 Projects will also be represented to the press.

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Call for Entries Dates

The second Call for Entry submission deadline has closed.

September 30, 2018 Second Call for entries opens

Guidelines and Submission Details

We ask artists and designers to submit their creative work to be included in this exciting showcase.

Submitted work can include
  • Applicants may submit images and/or links to work in any medium, including: digital and new/interactive media (i.e. video, animation, motion, graphic design, photography, 3-D, virtual/augmented reality, audio), performance, film, 2-D artwork (i.e. painting, illustration, photography), a piece of writing, and physical artwork (i.e. sculpture, installation, ceramics, fashion, textiles, product design, toy design).
  • Artists and designers may submit pre-existing work that fits within the theme or propose new work.
Additional guidelines
  • A "Find Your 100" t-shirt will be sent to every winner and all 100 winning projects will be considered for a $1,000 prize. 
  • Selected participants will be responsible for all costs associated with work's shipping, return, insurance, installation, and de-installation of their work/project.
  • Applicants may apply for additional funding.
  • If applying as a collective, please designate one person as the point of contact.
  • Artists and designers outside of the Los Angeles area are encouraged to submit digital video or photography and/or new media projects.
  • Digital video submissions should be supplied through Vimeo, Youtube, or other web link for application purposes.
  • Be one of the first 100 submissions and the $5 application fee is waived (for SlideRoom). 
Submission packets for consideration should include:
  • Only digitally transmitted files with title, date, media, and dimensions clearly designated; all files must showcase the quality of the work
  • Artist's Statement and Project Description (400 words or less)
  • Brief Biographical Description (100 words or less)

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Questions and inquiries should be directed to:

Communications and Marketing

Otis College of Art and Design