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2019 AICAD Symposium Call for Proposals

INCLUDE ME! Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

2019 AICAD Symposium

Hosted by Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, the 2019 Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD) Symposium, Include Me: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, will convene November 7 - 9.

Art and design colleges are educating an increasingly diverse, changing, global student population. Calls to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion on AICAD campuses come from many internal and external constituencies. How do we respond to these calls to ensure successful outcomes and enact our values, and how are we accountable in setting and monitoring our equity-minded goals?

Include Me: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion seeks to explore and share values, pedagogies, research, challenges, and successes, bringing students, faculty, and staff together in sometimes difficult dialogues regarding institutional climates to develop an inclusive vision for high quality art and design education.

Otis College seeks proposals that will explore the symposium’s theme, including how our students’ stories tell us about the work we need to do; strategies for initiating and managing a classroom that promotes risk-taking among faculty and students engaging in difficult dialogues; how art and design educators can effectively advocate for diversity and support engaged inclusivity within environments that may have competing priorities or divergent goals; defining inclusive pedagogies with an emphasis on the critique; equitable assessment practices; how campus leaders can address resistance to engaged inclusivity and institutional change; ways that campuses are transforming to create an intentionally inclusive sense of belonging and well-being for all; ways to value and affirm the cultural capital of underserved students and what biases or stereotypes may be standing in the way; ways that campuses are diversifying their faculty, staff, and administrators to reflect current and emerging student demographics; and faculty and staff development opportunities that can promote increased intercultural awareness and competencies.

The symposium includes a follow up to the AICAD Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) convening of fall 2018 in Chicago as part of the two-year AICAD DEI Task Force exploring our crucial responsibility in positioning and advancing critical conversations and practices around diversity, equity, and inclusion. We look forward to learning and sharing resources, research, initiatives, and collaborations in our collective commitment to defining excellence and success in art and design education that ensures that every student has the opportunity to succeed and thrive and our institutions and in our world.


  • I am recognizing my biases
  • I am not from here, but I have a lot to share
  • I identify/learn/think differently
  • This crit is for me, too
  • I don't look like my professors/students/colleagues
  • I want to understand you
  • I want you to understand my intersectionality
  • Recognizing my intersectional identity
  • English is just one of my languages
  • I am not an add-on or afterthought
  • I am a parent
  • I am first-generation
  • I have ideas. You'll learn something
  • In equity mindful assignments and assessments
  • I’m not a traditional student
  • I am gifted
  • I am stressed. I am anxious.
  • I can't make it/I CAN make it
  • I need more money/time
  • I want to be part of shared governance
  • In my learning
  • I teach too
  • Things are changing
  • In a culturally engaging classroom and curriculum
  • I’d like to work with you


Call for Presentations

Otis College is accepting individual and small group proposals; whole-panel presentations, so a school or, ideally, collaborations across schools, can propose a sustained conversation; whole-panel case study presentations from individual schools to specifically showcase how different institutions interpret and manage different issues of inclusive pedagogy and how they plan to continue addressing inclusion in the future; Murmurs and Manifestos where faculty and students from member schools are encouraged to share an idea, ask a question, submit a complaint, or advance an argument for no more than 10 minutes; and Media Lounge where faculty, students and alumni are encouraged to submit time-based, audio/visual work (experimental videos, animations, motion graphics, narrative films, and/or edited documentation of case studies) that address one or more of the conference themes.

All calls for proposals are currently closed.



Registration for the 2019 AICAD Symposium, Include Me, opens in May 2019. The registration fee includes all sessions Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. It also covers breakfast and lunch on Friday and Saturday, as well as an evening reception Thursday.

  • Early Bird: $300 (before August 15th)
  • After: $325
  • Student: $200

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Hotel Information

AICAD has secured a special rate of $159 a night at the Custom Hotel for the duration of the symposium. The Custom Hotel is located adjacent to the college, with rooms being newly renovated before the conference.

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