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Design*Sponge: Inspiring Your Inner Whittler With Melanie Abrantes’ ('12) New Book, Carve

Melanie Abrantes ('12)
Q&A with Melanie Abrantes
Rebekah Carey


"If you’re not yet familiar with Melanie Abrantes, she is the namesake behind the beautiful cork and wood home goods she designs. They’re stylish, sustainable, and if you’ve been following her on Instagram you may have been getting glimpses of her book debuting today — and her dog, Rover, with whom we’re more than a little obsessed! Her first book, Carve: A Simple Guide To Whittling, takes striking wood projects and teaches you how to make them at home with your own hands.

It’s always exciting when one of your favorite makers announces they have a book coming out, and it’s even better when you realize that you could actually (hopefully) glean some of their enviable skills in the process. As someone who would admit that my hand-eye coordination leaves something to be desired, I’m feeling pretty optimistic about Carve! The step-by-step photos make the end result feel attainable, and the gorgeous imagery makes you feel like it wouldn’t even matter if it isn’t.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Melanie before she embarks on her book tour for a little Q&A about how she got her start in product design, why she wanted to share woodworking with the world, and what benefits whittling can have on us. Read along, and snag a copy of Carve as it hits stands today!"

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Photography by Melanie Riccardi 

Want to learn how to carve from Abrantes herself? The Carve book tour will stop in Los Angeles on October 14-15 and includes a workshop at Kin and Kind, details here. Learn more about Abrantes' journey here.