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Digital Media Students Collaboration with SeePolitical Featured on Huffington Post

Digital voter education platform SeePolitical has once again partnered with Otis College of Art and Design students to empower voters by providing vital information via fun, concise, animated videos.

SeePolitical is a nonprofit organization seeking to help voters quickly and easily understand complex ballot issues. Founder Nate Kaplan realized there was a need for more voter-friendly explanations of ballot issues when even the legislators he worked for did not understand what they were being asked to vote on. Kaplan created SeePolitical as a solution to educate the electorate. The nonpartisan, animated shorts are produced in collaboration with students at Otis College of Art and Design and creative powerhouse Imaginary Forces.

With 2016 being a Presidential Election year, voter clarity and participation is crucial. With the first round of Primaries and Caucuses starting on February 1, the first video, “How We Choose Our President: Primaries and Caucuses (Part 1)” has already been released. The video was recently picked up by the Huffington Post. 

The next video, ‘What is the Electoral College?’ will be released next week.