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Installation of Bryan Hunt’s Double Lake Falls

Installation of Bryan Hunt’s Double Lake Falls at Penn State

Bryan Hunt’s (’71 Fine Arts) Double Lake Falls was recently installed in the Penn Shakespeare Garden outside Fisher Fine Arts Library. Hunt is an American sculptor who has created a number of notable commissions and installations throughout his career. These include the temporary installation of his Big Twist in the White House Rose Garden in 1998, and Hunt’s creation of a sculpture for Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous Fallingwater House in 1978. Interestingly, the artist played a part in the manned mission to the moon – Hunt worked as an engineer’s aide and draftsman at NASA during the Apollo Program before enrolling in the Otis Art Institute in 1968.

Hunt is known for sculptural works that evoke natural elements like waterfalls, lakes and quarries, and even outer space. Hunt abstracts these natural features, but they are easily recognized as representative of nature. Double Lake Falls was cast in bronze in 2002. In 2013, Barbara B. and Theodore R. Aronson donated the sculpture to the University of Pennsylvania Art Collection, and it was installed at Penn on August 5, 2015. Like the rest of Hunt’s numerous Waterfall pieces, Double Lake Falls is made out of hardened molten metal. This technique serves to capture the moving, textured quality of water. These forms, according to the artist, arrest the movement of water in time, giving “liquid a tangible form.”

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