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Motionographer: An interview with Get it Girl

Illustrator Audrey Lee ('12 Digital Media) and Co. Create Visuals that Highlight the Female Experience
Joe Donaldson

The motion design industry is constantly evolving, albeit slowly. A measurable change is happening.

As the definition of what motion design is and can be evolves, so too does our workforce. Long gone are the days where the vast majority of those working in this field are bearded dudes in flannels with a penchant for tech.

As our field has become less insular, you can now find individuals working within our industry that span the gamut of background and focus, many of whom weren’t initially “motion designers” but now find themselves working in this field.

In many ways, Get it Girl embodies much of these changes and where the motion design field is going. Amelia Giller, Audrey Lee ('12 Digital Media), Xoana Herrera, and Kaitlyn Mahoney all come from different backgrounds with different perspectives and are all connected by the amazing quality of their work and above all else their positivity.

In this Motionographer Q&A, we chat with them to find out more about Get it Girl and get an inside look at where some of the best illustration in our industry is coming from!

First, can you tell us a bit about yourselves?

XOANA: I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I was a graphic designer back in my country, and 4 years ago Buck called me and my husband to do an internship in the Los Angeles office. With my suitcase full of fears, and without knowing a single word in English, I started one of the biggest adventures of my life.

AUDREY: I’m an L.A. native illustrator and designer. I went to Otis College of Art and Design majoring in Concept Design where I learned the labor of love in visual development. I have worked at Buck for the past 3 years, and my style ranges in different variations from highly illustrative to very minimal pieces.

AMELIA: I’m originally from Texas. I moved to California for my MFA in animation at USC. I’m an art director at Buck and do a bunch of editorial work for places like Teen Vogue, The New York Times and Nylon. I’m obsessed with my puppy, Spot, who is about 6 months old.

KAITLYN: And I’m a producer originally from Sydney, Australia. I moved to Los Angeles about 4 years ago to pursue a career in production at Buck. I’ve always loved design and animation, so being able to partner up with these super talented ladies has been a dream!

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