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Otis College Announces Your Creative Future

Your Creative Future
New College-to-Career Initiative Helps Students Build Skills

LOS ANGELES, CA – Otis College of Art and Design is pleased to announce an exciting new college-to-career initiative: Your Creative Future.  This professional preparation program highlights and augments the College’s studio and liberal arts and sciences curricula to ensure that all students develop the full set of professional, business, and entrepreneurial skills needed to launch and sustain successful careers.

This initiative includes five key elements: 

  1. Business practices course for every student
  2. Discipline-specific professional preparation
  3. Real-world engagement
  4. Career Services and individual mentoring
  5. New entrepreneurial studies minor

Your Creative Future begins when students arrive on campus. Students will benefit from new course offerings that teach business skills tailored for artists and designers in addition to their industry-standard practice courses focusing on portfolio development, presentation delivery, and client relations.

Opportunity for engagement with outside partners and organizations is ever expanding through the College’s renowned Creative Action program, internships, and Travel Study opportunities. Faculty mentors provide individualized support in goal-setting and career options, while the Career Services office connects students and alumni to internship, freelance, part-time, and full-time employment opportunities through a vast online job board featuring over 2,600 employers.

A new minor in Entrepreneurship will complement any Major field of study and supports participants in forming their own studio, developing their work or product, and marketing themselves for visibility, recognition, and success.

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