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Otis College Ranked 6th in Nation by The Economist

Otis College Ranked 6th in Nation by The Economist

A new college ranking set forth by The Economist lists Otis College of Art and Design as sixth in the nation. The findings continue to spark discussions on the value of a college education, as the rankings seek to discover what role a student’s choice of school actually plays in their future earnings.

Taking into account a range of factors including location, area of study, and the socioeconomic mix of the student body - The Economist predicted what graduates would earn, comparing what students actually ended up earning, according to the U.S. Education Department’s new College Scorecard. The results ranked a college by how much it exceeded the expected earnings.

In shifting the conversation away from the selectivity of the college and towards the value to the student, Otis emerged as the only art and design college to make the top ten. With major outlets such as the Business Insider and The Atlantic covering the ranking and the subsequent debate surrounding the cost and value of higher education, Otis remains in the spotlight.

Dan Rosenheck, the data editor at The Economist, told USA TODAY, "...if you want to go to art school and make a decent living, than Otis (College of Art and Design, in Los Angeles, which hits at No. 6) is a good choice.”

“This is a pivotal moment for Otis College of Art and Design,” said President Bruce W. Ferguson. “We have always known the value of an art and design education and have focused everything we do on student success, but to have recognition like this strengthens and confirms our convictions. We hope this information will elevate awareness on a national scale that the creative economy is a major force in the new world economy of the 21st century, where original ideas and creative thinkers are highly valued.”