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Otis Faculty present at AICAD Symposium


Otis Faculty Present at AICAD

Otis Staff and Faculty at AICAD's "Exploring Science in the Studio" Symposium. From left to right: Joanne Mitchell, Debra Ballard, Randall Lavender, Linda Hudson, and Lara Hoad. 

Otis staff and distinguished faculty members participated in the 2015 Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD) Symposium, "Exploring Science in the Studio" held at California College of Art in San Francisco.  The Symposium illuminated myriad ways in which artists and designers from all disciplines, in all media, are inspired by and contributing to research and innovation in physical, biomedical, and engineering sciences.

Provost Randall Lavender, Associate Provost for Assessment and Accreditation/Chair of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Debra Ballard, and Assistant Chair of Foundation, Joanne Mitchell, attended along with two distinguished faculty members who gave presentations as part of the symposium program.

Associate Professor of Foundation and Graduate Studies, Linda Hudson, presented “Re-Fresh:  Gravity in a Virtual World,” illuminating ways in which fundamental physical forces—gravity, balance, the cantilever—can deeply inform students’ study of 3-dimensional design and foster in them a visceral understanding of form and space.

Liberal Arts and Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies Senior Lecturer, Lara Hoad, shared “When Hairdryer met Salamander,” a nature-inspired course she teaches with colleague Sam Stier, “Sustainability in the Classroom,” a panel presentation on new models for integrating sustainability into students’ lives and work, and a field trip focused on biomimicry in the Bay Area.

These inspiring presentations contributed mightily to the overall symposium program, and highlighted Otis’s role as a thought leader among its peer institutions within the AICAD consortium.