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Students Featured in New Otis College Campaign

New Banners Highlight Student Work
Natasha Carovska ('17 Digital Media) and Niambi Allah ('19 Toy Design) Highlighted

As the college continues to roll-out updates to the main campus, one of the newest features provides an opportunity to spotlight artwork from the Otis College community. New banners on the campus and Lincoln Boulevard create more spaces to highlight student work. 

The first of these banners show Niambi Allah ('19 Toy Design) and Natasha Carovska ('17 Digital Media) in action, working on class projects. We caught up with the two designers to find out more.

Niambi Allah was born in Maryland and moved to the Bay Area when she was nine. The Toy Design sophomore has been working to expand her personal doll collection, focusing on the clothes. After that, Allah plans to "...take the necessary steps towards my next milestone."  

Current digital media senior, Natasha Carovska (working in clay) was born and raised in Los Angeles and also has a deep connection to her ethnic Macedonian roots. Both of her parents were born and grew up in Kukurecani, Macedonia.

Carovska is currently working on a live-action fairytale for her thesis. In addition to writing the script, she has been busy creating the visual concepts for the costumes, props, and set design. "This year has been extremely busy for me, but I've also had the most fun," says the designer. With graduation on the horizon, Carovska is planning ahead, "I am hoping to work in a film studio somewhere developing visual and narrative content. Fingers crossed!"

Natasha props

Props from Natasha's thesis, courtesy of the designer. 

From the new banners to the main website redesign coming in the fall, the focus on providing more opportunities to showcase students and their projects is a central component in the new branding of the college. “The new brand system is a living, moving, breathing entity. It’s conscious of the people who are going to be engaging with it. It considers interactivity, and it is anything but stationary; that’s what makes it super exciting,” says Kali Nikitas, chair of the communication arts and MFA graphic design programs at Otis College. “We were known by the circle—the ‘O’—and now we’ll have the rectangle. That rectangle is going to allow us to incorporate imagery, and to really make the brand identity a lot more active.”

Check out this new video of highlights across the campus.