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Annual Exhibition

Annual Exhibition 2019

On May 10 and 11th, Otis College of Art and Design buzzed with visitors who were on campus to see the vibrant and accomplished work of graduating students during Annual Exhibition, a yearly event showcasing work from undergraduate and graduate departments.

2017 Annual Exhibition Portfolios


  • Kelley Mogilka and Mason Williams
    How Two Artists Found Love and Community at Otis College’s L.A. Summer Residency
    February 14
  • 2020 Otis Report on the Creative Economy Launch
    ACLU’s Amir Whitaker and Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas Help Present 2020 Otis Report on the Creative Economy
    February 14
  • How Otis College’s Prime Los Angeles Location Impacted Senior Justus Morschauser
    February 13

Out of This World Environments Begin with a Solid Foundation

This year's invitees to the 2018 Annual Exhibition are being welcomed by the spacey, gritty, beautiful work of 3D environmental artist Mimi Park ('17 Digital Media). It has become something of a tradition for the invitation and signage of the college's most popular event to feature the artwork of a graduate from the previous year.

Combining Art Forms to Create the Perfect Toy

"I love that every single major here is art but it’s all a different type of art. So when we come together, we all have different interests but we kind of overlap in some ways, I think that’s beautiful," says Clover Clemans (BFA Toy Design '17). "I have to say one of the biggest things that I have learned at Otis is to get inspiration from everywhere. You have to look to other places and get inspired by many other people." 

Where Design Meets Positive Living

“Growing up in Hawaii, I lived a very positive lifestyle and I was trying to promote that within my family and friends,” says Chaz Inouye (BFA Product Design ‘17). “I wanted to take that into designs of my own. Encouraging more positivity within the lives of my users is the main inspiration of my work.”

An Adrenaline Rush Like Nothing Else

“I guess I can’t imagine being anything else,” says Ashley Kim (BFA Fine Arts, Sculpture/New Genres ‘17). “Being a performance artist is new for me but it just gives me an adrenaline rush like nothing else really does.” Ashley transferred to Otis College from another school, where she studied fashion. “The tight-knit community here is really what I think helped shape my practice,” she says. “I grew a lot, not just as an artist but as a person.”

Creating an Inside-Out Environment

“There are a lot of schools that have architecture programs, but Otis College has three of them together,” says Sarah Ng (BFA Architecture/Landscape/Interiors ‘17), who was born in Hong Kong and now is based in Los Angeles.

Painting the Untold Stories of Los Angeles

Los Angeles native Noah Humes’, (BFA Communication Arts, Illustration ‘17) work straddles the line between fine art and illustration, with a particular focus on depicting Black history and culture. At Otis College, he found the freedom to tell untold stories and develop his signature style.

Support Independent Design and Back Alumnus Alexander Barker on Kickstarter

"Our bags, compared to others on the market, are as much about aesthetics as they are about features. There is no bag like this out there,” says Alexander Barker ('17 Product Design), founder and CEO of Barker Bags & Accessories

The Woman Behind the Monster (Truck)

Bright green postcards and the toothy grin of a monster truck announced the 2017 Annual Exhibition, which will open to the public this Saturday, May 13. The bright, detailed model of the featured monster truck puppet, or CryptoTruck, was the highlight of  Monique Givens' ('16 Toy Design) own display at last year's Annual Exhibition.