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HOW Design: In-House Design Spotlight with Sheharazad Fleming

Otis College of Art and Design‘s new in-house Creative Director, Sheharazad Fleming, is as passionate about her work as she is her city. We decided to catch up with Sheharazad to learn more about her trajectory as a designer thus far, the kinds of projects she’s most excited about, and the things she does when she’s not busy launching Otis’ new Design Lab, a place where students will be part of an on-campus, in-house design studio.

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Interview with Alumna Hillary Coe on Breaking Into the Unexpected

 An air force brat standing six feet tall by the age of 13 and oft-covered in more mud, grease and blood than an entire platoon, Hillary Coe ('04 Digital Media) was smashing stereotypes before she was even old enough to drive - let alone set drag racing world records. Having inherited a thirst for adventure and inquisitive mind from her pilot-turned-agency exec father, by the age of 16 Hillary wasn’t just a scholar identified by G.M as a future tech leader but the very definition of a juxtaposition - welding and working the spa